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June 11, 2020
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Xander file transfer app is a program that was development in China. It has spread rapidly throughout the country and into India where it is one of the top-rated apps of its class. The app has several impressive features. Some of these features are similar to other transfer apps but it does have unique ones. It is these features they have made it possible for Xander to become one of the top final transferring apps.


Xander was originally established in 2011 Under the name Shan Chuan. The app was renamed Xander in 2013 and for the last seven years has continue to grow in popularity. It currently is most popular in India, Brazil, and Mexico. India by far has the largest confirmed number of users where an estimated 50% of the market uses Xander. This is the largest usage area based on percentage of the app after China.

This may be due to the fact that Xander has partnered with Sony India. The partnership has allowed the two to work on a project called movie China. No not directly a part of the app the programs involved with visualize in the movies are part of the Xander program. The popularity of the app is not just limited to these countries. Over the last seven years it has been It’s going to be used in at least 22 countries. The popularity of Xander file transfer app no doubt comes from its features.


Xander file transfer app has many features. Some are unique to the system and others are unique takes on widely used features. One things for certain they come together in a cohesive hold that allow Xander to rival and even surpass other file transfer apps.

No mobile transfer

Xander’s wireless data transfer system functions like many others. By Connecting two or more mobile devices that have the app installed into a wireless network. This allows for fast transfer of data ranging from text messages all the way up to app programs. Definitely a useful feature for transferring data from an old phone to a new one.

One of the unique features of Xander is that it doesn’t require mobile data to be used. NFC According to Xander download page is also not required. The result is a system the transfers data faster than older apps that transfer the data via Bluetooth. Also, it is significantly easier to use than Airdrop for data transfer.

Cross platforms

Perhaps the most unique feature of Xander file transfer app is the cross-platform capability. This is a feature that few other data transfer apps have. Other such apps require the devices that are interacting with each other to be at the very least using the same operating system. For example two smart phones have to be using android. Some of its competitors apps have to have the same exact app installed on both phones in addition to the same operating system. Xander is different in this regard because as long as both phones have Xander the data will transfer. The Xander app is fully compatible with Android, iOS, Windows phone, and most of the other mobile Device operating systems. This cross-platform support doesn’t just extend to mobile devices.

Xander is also capable of data file sharing with computers. It is able to interface with PC and MACOS as flawlessly as it would with any mobile device. The feature referred to as “Connect PC” allows the user to fully access all the data on a smart phone from a computer. The reverse is also true programs for the computer can be uploaded onto a mobile device. What makes this different than other data transfer apps that perform a similar function is the fact that the data is transferred directly.

Most of Zanders competitors require the data to be uploaded onto the cloud before I can be accessed by a computer. The reverse is also true for programs from a computer to be accessed by a mobile device. In this way Xander file transfer app definitely has the edge over its competitors. I will explain why so many people like to use it over its rivals.


Due to all the features that Xander file transfer app possesses there’s no doubt it’s a truly impressive program. Part of the success has its companies marketing and business strategy. The lion share of success has to come from unique abilities has the competitors simply don’t. Most notably the cross-platform compatibility. If you want to share data with a group of friends who all have different phones there are two outcomes. If your friend’s phones all have Xander competitor apps then you can transfer the data. On the other hand, if they all have Xander then there’s no limit to the information can be shared. Thus, Xander file transfer justly deserves recognition as one of the top apps for transferring data.



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