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Caller ID, SMS, and call blocking. Sent money, recharge and pay bills with UPI.All this for Free.
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3rd June 2020
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In today’s world where everyone is doing some kind of work, we receive tons of calls. If you are in business or doing a job you receive lots of calls which are important and related to your work. But, many times you get calls from unwanted people which is very irritating. To solve this problem you have Truecaller App. This app is extremely useful. Truecaller is a smartphone application that has features of caller-identification, call-blocking, flash-messaging. It also has call-recording (on Android up to version 8), Chat & Voice by using the internet. It just requires users to provide a standard cellular mobile number for registering with the service.


TrueCaller: The Best Caller Id And Spam Blocking App

It is a Swedish company. It was founded in 2009 in Stockholm, Sweden by Nami Zarringhalam and Alan Mamedi. TrueCaller App can help to fight crime. You get to know who is calling you and also from where one is calling. This is actually very helpful while Business. Most Importantly it is available for Free. Here, are some features of this App:

1)Caller Id
You are able to find the user’s true identity. On the other hand, you can Identify unknown numbers, spam, or companies calling before picking up…

2)Spam Blocking
Spam Calls are very irritating and waste lots of your time. With the help of this App, you can Block them and auto-block telemarketers and robocalls.

3)Chat, SMS, and Calls
With the help of this App, you can Chat, SMS, and make Calls. So, you need no other App. This App is a MultiTasker!!!

4)Organized and spam-free Inbox\
Keep your inbox clean with automatic categorization for Personal, Important, Other, and Spam SMS.

5)Make Payments
You can make fast and secure payments and also manage your Bank Account.

6)Record Phone Calls
This is the best feature of this App. You can record all your important phone calls.

 TrueCaller App’s Interface And Usability

The App’s interface is simple and is very easy to use. You will not face any problem while using it. Truecaller is safe as it is not uploading your personal phonebook. But it definitely takes your details.  Truecaller also offers a premium model, where users can search for an unlimited set of numbers on the platform for payment. India is the largest market for Truecaller. Accounting for 150 million monthly active users of its global user base of over 200 million monthly active users. By using Truecaller as your default dialer you’ll be able to quickly and easily access all your existing contacts. See more relevant information about them and also identify unknown numbers, and block unwanted callers.

The App also has some flaws. The App invades the privacy of almost every user. See, try to understand the App Blocks Spam Call. But, while doing this it actually makes spamming easy. To clarify it was understood at the beginning itself that it is a Dangerous App to some extent. It is the best app for some users while for others it is a threat to their privacy. Although the TrueCaller Chat is pretty Safe. Sometimes you get calls where you dont know the person’s name and from where he is calling. This App helps in this case. Just Type the number and you will get all the details. The worst thing is Truecaller Chat has no message history at the moment. So, if he gets lost or if you uninstall the App the Data is Permanently Lost.


The App is Great, easy to use, and fast. It will help you in most of your tasks. Although the invading of privacy is there but, not to a maximum extent. The App helps you to record calls and gives you the complete call details. You should definitely give this App a try.



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