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Varies with device

Pure instant messaging — simple, fast, secure, and synced across all your devices. Over 400 million active users.
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Pavel and Nikolai Durov
Varies with device
6 June 2020
Varies with device
Varies with device
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Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging and voice over IP system. The program is compatible with multiple devices and operating systems including iOS, Windows Phone, Android, and Linux. As a result, it is able to send and receive text messages, phone calls, videos, and assorted other media. In addition, it has numerous other that customers find useful.  There are a reported 400 million Telegram users worldwide.  However some countries either partially or totally locked access to telegraph. One such country is India and another is China. Despite these issues there is no doubt that millions of users would recommend telegram over any other messaging app.


Telegram was launched in 2013 by the Durov brothers Pavel and Nikolai. It was originally based out of Russia but has since moved to Germany. The Durov brothers stated that telegrams in goal was not to make a profit. The company is not setup as a nonprofit organization. Telegram by October 2014 had 35 million users over the next six years that number jumped to 400 million registered. There are several notable events that occurred in that time frame that can explain some of the growth. South Korea in 2014 is one of these instances.

The South Korean government implemented surveillance plans that prompted many of its citizens to switch over to Telegram. Telegrams encryption system was able to defeat the South Korean security programs. Telegram experience no surge in users during 2019.  The dates correspond to when Facebook and all its related apps went off-line for a long period of time. Telegrams incredible growth is no doubt due to the many features it provides to its customers.


Telegram has many features to enable instant messaging between its users. In fact, it appears to have more features than any messaging app on the market. Telegram does provide end-to-end encryption for smart phone to smart phone communications but does not provide this service to any other device, except MacOS computers. If not of the last this feature would put it directly on par with many of its top rivals. Unfortunately, some of them are able to allow encrypted communication between any device. Still it is impressive that provide encrypted communication that most governments find challenging.

One of its primary features is cloud based messaging. This means that all messages from text to computer file can be accessed from any user’s device. The cloud servers  can also save the files.  To maintain privacy theses servers are heavily encrypted. Another useful feature tied into the cloud messaging is the 48-hour editing. Basically, a user can edit a message or any file sent with telegram up to 24 hours after sending it. If a major error was sent out on a critical document it could be corrected. Most of If not all of Telegram’s competitors lack this feature.

Secondary features

In 2015 telegram created several secondary features that enhance the messaging service. One of these features were stickers. Telegram stickers are high definition images that provide a more extensive emoji. If user wishes to send a sticker, they first need to select an emoji. Then they will  be offered a chance to select a sticker instead. There are several sets of stickers users can choose from.

Channels are one of the more impressive secondary teachers Telegram. Channels are essentially one-way messaging. Any user of telegram can create channels or subscribe to them. Essentially the user or admin that created is able to send out messages to unlimited number of subscribers. Users who subscribe to a channel are able to read the messages account respond to them. Admin’s identities can be concealed at their request. The best way to think if this feature is that as Telegrams version of television show.

Bots were another feature added to Telegram 2015. It essentially allows a third-party developer to create accounts that are run by programs. These programs are capable of responding to messages and joining groups. They can also accept payments from Apple pay or credit cards. Some security issues were raised when this feature was implemented. Telegram management did state was considering options to mitigate the threat. Bots could be considered the door-to-door salesman of telegram.


Telegram is partially or completely censored in several countries. The one country is completely censored is China. The Chinese government first blocked server access to telegram in 2015. the reason given was that several users of telegram had openly criticized the government. India is another country that partially blocks access to Telegraph. This occurred in 2019 when several ISPs in India began blocking telegram access. The agency in charge of Internet security for India stated it had no idea why this was occurring.


Telegram is definitely a top rate messaging app. Its numerous features guarantee a secure and interesting messaging service. it is these features have drawn so many people to telegram is instant messaging service. The ability to send secure and to an extent editable data would explain why for hundred million people use Telegram. Telegrams features also explain why certain entries attempt to limit its use. Regardless Telegram is certainly one most used and light messaging services in the world today.


What's new

New Media Editor
• Enhance video quality, add drawings, text, stickers.
• Zoom in on media for high-precision drawing.
• Put animated stickers on photos or videos.

New GIF Panel
• Find GIFs quickly in emoji-based sections.
• GIFs load faster.

Improved Interfaces
• Send, edit, delete messages with new animations.
• Updated Video Player, Storage Usage settings, 2-Step Verification flow.

There are more changes than can fit in this section. Update the app to get the full changelog on Telegram.