Talking Tom Cat

Drumroll, please. Meet the star... The one and only... Talking Tom! He’s the original virtual pet who talks back!
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June 15, 2020
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Talking tom
Talking tom application is a fun application. It is available for the iOS on iTunes app store and for androids on play store. Talking tom cat is the first app, and was launched in July 2010.
Talking tom is a series of applications first is talking tom then other parts like talking tom 2, talking tom and Ben, talking Angela, talking ginger, talking Gina etc. came along.
The mobile application of these animated talking animal characters have the main feature of repeating the things said by its users.
Most of the users of these apps are small children. As the repetition of what they did attracts them also the animated character also attracts them. Plus, there are also other features in these apps like you can feed the talking tom or The talking tom scratches the screen etc. all of these features attracts kids.
The recent stats have told us that according to the last data of march 2020 talking tom have reached more than 12 billion downloads since it has been launched.
I think the idea of a tom might came from Garfield. And so, 10 years ago a talking tom application came. He is a green eyed kitty. Who describes himself as the “coolest cat in the universe”.
The application had become so much famous that on the basis of the app new tv series and shorts were produced with he similar characters of the talking series applications. Most of these series were uploaded on YouTube.
Talking tom– the characters name is tom he is a grey tabby cat. Who calls itself as the world’s most popular cat. The original application was launched in july 2010 for iOS, after that in 2011 Talking tom 2 was released. Hen came My talking tom and my talking tom 2 in the year 2013 and 2018 respectively.
Talking Angela– the character’s name is Angela. She is the love of the character tom. She is sweet as well as short tempered white cat. She is stylish and the cat have the hobbies of dancing, singing, fashion and and travelling.
Talking ginger– he is a sweet little kitten. In talking talk series he is Tom’s nephew in talking friends web series and talking tom and friends web series he is Tom’s neighbour.
Talking Ben– character’s name is Ben he is a grumpy brown dog. He is a a chemistry professor who enjoys doing science and technology related things.
Talking hank– the character’s name is hank. He is a white dog with blue spots on him. He was firstly introduced in the premier of the talking tom and friends web series in the year 2014.
Talking Becca– the character’s name is Becca. She was also first introduced in 2014binnthe web series talking tom and friends. She is also a singer like Angela.
Some of the characters who are somewhere featured in the web series and had a application earlier but had now discontinued are:
• Talking Gina
• Talking Pierre
• Talking Larry
• Talking John
• Talking baby hippo etc.

The series of apps had generated a huge amount of revenue. As they have started with just one fun app. But, slowly the series kept going on there were a lot of related apps were kept on coming and sooner they have also released a web series on the same characters.
The company firstly generated from the play applications then from the web series and obviously from the advertisements which kept popping up during the use of application or web series. Therefore, it had been a great success for the company.
The apps have been real fun as well as the web series are also quite good. If you haven’t tried yet try them for once.