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Snapchat is a multimedia social networking application. Snapchat was invented by Evan spiegel, Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown. They were the former students of Stanford University.
Snapchat is a very famous social media network in today’s time. As of the stats of March 2020, The application had around 229 of active users. The app is mostly famous among the younger generation in the society.
The main feature of the application which makes is different from the other apps is that it do not have any posts of feeds system the photos you upload only appears for 24 hours and then disappear.


The photos or videos you upload on your story on snapchat can be a story which can be viewed by only to your friends or you can customize it then it will be viewed to some and will be hidden by some who you would select. For these to option you have to upload your picture or video on “ Story” option.
If you want to post it to public you have to select the option of “Our Story”. By this your picture is public anybody can view it. For capturing a video in snapchat you just have to long press the photo capturing button and it will help you to make a 10 second video.
Earlier, the app allows only to create a 10 seconds video which was very small. So, the app updates its feature and now you can make videos of more than 10 seconds but it will still be segmented in 10 seconds. But you can save it as a combine video.
If The photos or videos captured in the application are saved they are primarily gets stored in the app itself there is a section of memories when you swipe up where all you saved photos and videos will appear. And you can Also save the same to your camera roll, if you want to share it or upload it on some other social media application.
You can only select many photo and add it to a my eyes only feature. These photos or videos will not even appear in tour movies you will se it only in my eyes only section they are safe in there.
Snapchat provides a variety of different filters which some of them are only light filters and some are filters which applies different things on you like dog ears, flowers and many others. This feature is the most attractive for the children.
The another attractive feature of the application is that you can send daily snaps to your snap friends and when you send them regularly snaps the app keeps a count of your snap score we also call it as streaks. If you do not send a streak for 24 hours for a certain time there is a timer you can see. If you send a snap the timer will be again gone and your streak will be maintained. But, if you do bot still send the snap your streaks will be gone and you again have to start from 1.
Like most of the other social media applications, Snapchat also provides a audio and a video calling facility. The quality of calls is also pretty good. And the way it is different from other applications is that, the application with best photo and video capturing filters is snapchat and you can even apply those filters while you are on video call.
These were some of the features of Snapchat.

Additional App

Another application known as “Bitmoji”. You can download this app directly from app store. This application is not to be compulsorily downloaded with snapchat. But if you download it and create your own bitmoji and link it with snap shat you can have you bitmoji stealers in snapchat and these stickers are very interesting. It increases the fun.
There are many other interesting features about snapchat like different emojis appear in front of the names of different friends like emoji of a birthday cake 🎂 confront of the whose birthday it is. A hour glass ⏳who is already late in sending snap. A yellow heart 💛for best friend. A red heart ❤for BFF and the list goes on.

Snapchat also have a location feature, you can see your snap friends location on the map by scrolling it downward a map appers where you can see the bitmoji of you friends on the map where they are that is their location can be traced by that. But, the person have to keep it’s location on.
These small features of snapchat makes this application more fun and exciting. The app has always been in profit because of these amazing features everybody wants to use the app and so the number of users have always increased and so the app always seen success.
So, if you want to enjoy the exclusive features of this app download it and enjoy its various features.


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