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5 june 2020
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Share it

Share it is a Chinese based technology company. It was introduced in April 2015. Share it was developed by SHAREit Technologies Co. Ltd. Michael Qui is the CEO of SHAREit. SHAREit is one of the best way or test application which allows transfer of files, photos, videos, contacts, images and documents from one device to other.
This application is available for Andorid, ios, windows and even in windows phone. It is an unpaid, free app. The size of the application for androids is 25.14 MB and it’s size in ios is 77.1 MB.
The app had a great success in various countries across the globe because it is available in various languages like hindi and Bengla which makes it easier to use for the users who are not comfortable in English.
The app has more than 1.8 billion users across the world.


Sharif has been launched in 200 different countries and regions. It is available in 4t different languages. SHAREit has collaborated with partners such as times music. It has more than 600 millions in 2 countries that is india and Indonesia
As we know that it is a famous application. It is proved by the Google play store as it became the top 10 most downloaded app by the google app store along with Instagram, snapchat, facebook etc.
It helps in transferring the data from one device to another even faster than NFC and bluetooth.

How to share files?

To transfer any data from one device to other both devices should have the SHAREit application. The app allows the user to create a account, set a user name and select an avatar.
To transfer only document, the application has to be open in both the device. The device which have to send the document have to click on send. And, the device which have to receive the decent have to click on receive.
The sender when clicks on send, then he/she have to select the file, image, video any document which have to be transferred and click on select.
Once the sender send the receive have to click on receive and then wait till both the devices locate each other. Also, the two devices which are exchanging the documents should be kept close to each other just like we have to keep close the devices when we transfer using any other means like bluetooth. And also, both devices should have a internet access only then you can share. Data can not be shared without internet connectivity.
The avatar or the receiver appears on the screen on sender to confirm that the document is being transferred to the correct device.
When the sender send the documents from his side the receiver have to confirm and accept the documents and then he have to download the document to get it completely in his device.
An then they can disconnect as the documents gets completely transferred.
It is a very simple application there is no complication in the app which makes it difficult to understand and used by the users. It is a very easy and fast way to get your files transfer from one device to the other.

How does SHAREit makes money?

The idea behind the development of the app was to make money. Sharlet makes says that the revenue the app is generating is basically from the advertisements but they are currently not focusing on the revenue generation and they are causing on to building up a safe eco system around SHAREit.
Some of the ways to generate revenue are- they make SHAREit available for other platforms like BlackBerry devices, advertisements is one of the revenue generators, and introducing their latest pay new pay and get additional or premium features and the people who will buy the subscription have to pay amount to the application.
So to enjoy the additional features of the app you can play to purchase the premium account and otherwise also you can use the basic facility or files transferring by this app. If you are looking for a good app to transfer documents, you must try SHARit.


What's new

-Playback experience is now more optimized

-redesigned user friendly sender and receiver pages