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Clone and run multiple accounts of the same app simultaneously, and use themes to style your unique space.
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12 June 2020
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Parallel Space – Multiple accounts & Two face is an app cloning program developed for the android. By using it an individual is able to create a second account of any app on their mobile device. It allows the second account to run simultaneously with the first one. The applications of this for certain social media apps and mobile games is impressive. Though there are several similar apps available for the android this one is the easiest to download and use. As a result, it’s 90 million users love it

How it works

Parallel Space – Multiple accounts & Two face functions by creating a virtual space on a device. In other words, it creates duplicates of mobile devices operating space. This allows a cloned account of an app on the device to run simultaneously with the primary account. the user could for example run to mobile game accounts at the same time. The same holds true for instant messaging accounts as well. the amount of space the app takes up is relatively small as is the battery use. The cloned account would more taken up space. Also, the second account would more drain energy as well.

Additionally, the second account running in the parallel space does not have to be the one running on the device. In this way a user could in theory be running a program for work on the main device. At the same time that user could also be managing their Facebook account on the virtual space. Is easily available and doesn’t root access to download. It is also compatible with most apps on android devices. Switching between the accounts is fast and simple. Simply push a button and it affecting turnkey access to the virtual account. Or if you’re in their virtual account tap the button to return to the primary device.


Parallel Space – Multiple accounts & Two face has two other notable features included with the app. The first is a security setting. This function is known as “incognito installation”. It makes the cloned app invisible on the primary device. This is accomplishes  by maintaining the cloned account exclusively on the virtual space. It protects the space with a security lock preventing any prying eyes from seeing the cloned account. This is particularly useful if you have a Facebook account that you use to anonymously post opinions on political issues. It is important to note that there are some exceptions to total anonymity. Specifically, certain apps in virtual space will need to be given permission to use your location will need your location. Otherwise they will not be able to function properly. To compensate for this no personal data is ever collected in the virtual space.

Second Feature

Virtual space customization is the other included with Parallel Space – Multiple accounts & Two face. The integrated theme store included with the app is how this is achieved. It contains a list of themes that you can use to modify the appearance of the virtual space. All these needs to do is choose one and apply it to the virtual space. A user can alter it with everything which. Conceivably they could change it based on whatever mood they were in. Perhaps something to cheer them up when the feeling sad. On the other hand, they could choose something to reinforce a red-hot anger they are gripped by. A simple tap of a button will change the entire theme of virtual space.

One possible use of this feature could be for the user to remember the difference between the two spaces. If they’re in a situation where they need to rapidly switch between the two to avoid trouble such as work. They could memorize the theme for virtual space and then recognize which space they were in at a glance.


Parallel Space – Multiple accounts & Two face has numerous possible applications. One is being able to balance work and personal life. If a person’s job requires the use of mobile device does require their attention 100% of time this is perfect. They can run the application for their job on the main device and another app for entertainment in virtual space. Also, if you are an individual who is addicted to playing Clash of Clans or similar you doubled your effectiveness.

By managing both accounts simultaneously you double your resources, combat effectiveness, and clan achievements. You can use both accounts to launch wave after wave of attacks on opponents before they can recover. Its security aspect means that the second accounts is kept impressively well hidden. It is a social media account for example you could post any comment on it with minimal fear of consequence. This is where the frightening aspect of the app appears, potentially no consequence for cyber bullying. Regardless of the potential negatives there are many positives to this app. Which is why it is top ranked in its app class.

What's new

1. Fully compatible with Android 10
2. Optimized the overall performance of Parallel Space.
3. Fixed some known bugs.

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