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Introducing: My Talking Hank! A FREE virtual pet game from Talking Tom and Friends - the series with over 7 BILLION downloads of worldwide hits like My Talking Tom and My Talking Angela. Take care of Talking Hank, the cutest puppy out there. Hank needs your ❤️ ! He’s ready for adventure and off to explore the tropical islands of Hawaii, but HE NEEDS YOU to help him!
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March 12, 2020
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My Talking Hank is a free to play virtual pet app. Created by Outfit7 the game was launched in 2017 As another installment in the Talking Tom and Friend’s app series. My Talking Hank puts the player in the position of Hanks caretaker. The goal of the game is to take care of Hank and help get photos the creatures on the island. As one of the more recent installments in the Talking Tom and Friends franchise Hank has been a great success. The game’s graphics and set up make it ideal for kids ages 7 to 10. Most children on the higher end of that scale prefer to play the minigame’s rather than the main story. There’s no doubt My Talking Hank is another fantastic installment in Outfit7 My Talking Tom and Friends franchise.


To understand My Talking Hank you first need to understand the origins of the entire Talking Tom and Friends’ franchise. The Franchise started with Talking Tom which was launched in 2010. The game featured interaction with Tom the cat. He also repeated everything the player said, thus the name. The game was so successful that’s numerous other apps in a similar vein release. All the other releases feature different animals from giraffes to parents.

In 2013 My Talking Tom a new variation of franchise was released. The premise of that game was to take care of the anthropomorphic cat Tom. The ultimate goal is to help Tom grow from a kitten to a full-grown tomcat. this was the first relatively major departure in the talking Tom and Friends Franchise. in addition to interacting with the virtual pet cat Tom you are now raising and caring for it. Not unlike a real pet though there are still major differences. The My Talking variant of Talking Tom and Friends franchise was so successful that two others at variance were made. One was My Talking Angela and the other is My Talking Hank.


My Talking Hank has several notable differences from its predecessors. One being that the main character is but rather a dog. Another is the setting. The other two installments of My Talking game apps were sent in home environments. aside from these two points gameplays is strikingly similar to the previous installments. With one other major difference. Instead of raising Hank to adulthood the player helps him take photos of all the animals on the island. In all other general aspects, the gameplay is the same as others installments.


In the My Talking Hank the player lives on topical has just adopted the puppy Hank. Hank will react to various actions taken by the player which will affect his mood. The player also has to feed Hank, take him to the bathroom, and swing him to sleep on the hammock. Hank will alert the player to the need for these actions with unique animations. These animations are started when meters that correspond to the given action drop-down to 30% or lower. The player clicks on this meter to initiate the desired action. By completing these actions, the player levels Hank up. The higher hanks level, the more of the island become available to explore.

My Talking Hank’s other primary progression for the game is hanks photo collection. The game description says that Hank loves to talk and want to take pictures of all the animals. the player helps Hank do this by first selecting an area of the island to explore. Once there the player helps Hank set out and toys to lawyer the animals in. Depending on the animal it can take some time. A player can leave the given area and return to see if any animals have shown up. Once the arrives simply help Hank snap a photo of the animal and added to his photo album.

Minigames And in App Purchases

The game also includes minigames and in-app purchases. The in-app purchases are mostly for items that Philip Hanks various action meters. You can also purchase items that will help learn animals out of hiding so they can be photographed. The minigames are also quite entertaining and to a certain degree challenge. Playing these games will help generate which again helps Hank get the items necessary to take photos of the animals. Some of the many games such as monkey cash are unique to My Talking Hank. On the other hand, you have the minigame splashing which has appeared in other My Talking apps. The two most challenging mini game of this are Fruit Boom and Fishtastic.

Fruit Boom is the game where you launch cannonballs out of the stall done at boxes suspended above a line. Each box is certain number of hits that have to be achieved before breaks open. Breaking open a box will releas special items. After each shot the boxes descend closer to the redline. The game ends when a box crosses that line. Quite an addictive and challenging. Fishtastic is essentially a limited movement match item game. The player has to match seashells up so that there are three in a row.  A fish is then released from a bubble. The release fish usually drops a prize.  You can only move the shell limited number times. There are no guarantees there will always be a match. The game ends when you can no longer make the remaining shells. This is probably the most challenging minigame in My Talking Hank.

Other Features

My Talking Hank also has features that are common to the other my talking apps. One of these is the ability to completely and totally customize Hank. The player can alter Hank’s physical appearance to a certain degree and also have him wear unique pieces of clothing. The other feature in common with previous installments is that Hank will repeat what is said to him. Hank will do this in a hilarious tone of voice that will have you laughing. in fact, the player will probably be laughing as much at the voice as Hanks hijinks. Such as when Hank goes to the outhouse.


My talking is an excellent addition to the talking Tom and friends’ franchise. Not only does it add a new adorable character to the series but also increases the amount of activity. Now the player has a direct goal in helping Hank collect pictures of all the animals on the. This combined with the mini games interactions with Hank provide hours of entertainment. Since this app is geared towards young children it’s just the thing to keep them distracted. This will give the parents a chance to relax or take care of work without interruptions. Regardless of the reasoning any player who decides to adopt Hank will find themselves enthralled by their new virtual pet.


What's new

Bug fixes and minor gameplay improvements.