Microsoft Word: Write, Edit & Share Docs on the Go


Read and edit documents attached to emails, collaborate with your team and bring your office wherever you go with Microsoft Word. The Word app from Microsoft lets you create, read, edit, and share your files quickly and easily.
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June 16, 2020
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The Microsoft Word app is a mobile variation of Microsoft word processor. The app essentially provides the user access to many of the tools for editing and writing that word process provides. However, instead of being forced to use a laptop as a form of mobile writing the app allows the user to write on a mobile device. Microsoft Word app is available for both iOS and Android mobile devices. Also, as with its computer counterpart the app undergoes regular updates to keep it functioning smoothly. Though Microsoft Word app has impressive list of features it does last summer of the abilities of the computer version. Even so it is still more useful and familiar then other word processing apps. With Microsoft Word app anywhere, you can take your mobile device you can also write with the world’s leading word processor.


Microsoft word app originated as a mobile variation of Microsoft word. Microsoft’s word processing program was first launched in 1983 for the Xenix operating system. The program was so effective that subsequent variations were produced for each new operating system windows released. At the time of his release Microsoft Word had several unique features including being able to use a mouse to adjust where the cursor was and also Including the ability to undo. In addition, it also Included the options to bold, italicize, or underline text. Despite all this it wasn’t initially popular due to an Unfamiliar user interface. This led to Microsoft creating an updated version of word constantly refining and adding to the systems of the program. 1985 marked the first time Microsoft adapted the program for another Operating system.

In this case the original Mac OS or Macintosh as it was not at the time. It also showed that your soft word was continually updated as at this time it has been designed with the intent to be used with high resolution monitors and laser printers. Neither of which were available to the general public at that time. This general pattern has been followed by Microsoft regarding the word program ever since. Microsoft Word is updated and then released onto the various platforms and operating systems its services. The current incarnations include a Windows variation, Mac variation and the mobile variations. Microsoft word has one thing in common across all variations, the ability to give a writer the freedom to practice their craft and let their imaginations sore.


Microsoft word app provides many of the features found on its computer counterpart. Whether it’s creating a document, reviewing a project from work, or sending a letter with Microsoft word app it’s all possible on your smart phone. Granted there are some differences from the computer variations but in some ways, these are benefits not failures.


Microsoft word app does make it possible to start from scratch on any document. That being said there are also a wide variety of pre-design layouts are use or can choose from. These layouts are useful for setting up a variety of documents. It all depends on what the user needs to write. If they need to write a letter there’s a layout for that or one for a script. Microsoft word app even have layouts for write ups or blogs. If the user doesn’t know where to begin the app might provide the answer.


Microsoft Word app provides several useful features for reading and editing documents. The most prominent of these be reading view. This allows a user to read any documents of any length with ease any mobile device. The act also converts any PDF into Word document and vice versa. This makes for easy writing and PDF without having to create a brand-new document. Another feature Microsoft Word at computer counterparts is the ability to save the document as a PDF. If the user wishes to turn their work into PDF they do so with the push of a button.

Most of the familiar writing and editing tools from Microsoft Word are available in the app. However, some of the more advanced is like track changes or inserts footnotes are unavailable. Some versions even lack the undue function, which means it’s harder to remove a mistake. This is not necessarily that just encourages the user to more deliberate with their word choice. the lack of track changes nearly means that the has to be more attention to what they are reading.


The Microsoft Word app has one distinct advantage over its computer-based counterparts, collaborate. the app allows some users to work as a team on the same document. One of the ways the act facilitates this is the process of leaving comments. Users simply selects a portion of text and leave a comment next it. In this way various members of the team can voice their thoughts on certain sections of the project. For example, if several individuals are working on a newsletter that has gone through radical changes give their opinion.

As part of this feature the App will keep a record of all changes. This allows the users to view comprehensive history of the documents. If they don’t like the directions going, they backtracked version they all agreed on. It’s also possible to see who is working on what and for the team needs to grant or deny permissions. Another unique feature is copying the body of the text and paste it into a email without being reformatted. Any user who is tired of getting a letter just so only having reformatted in the would appreciate this. The App has many more useful collaborations available more so than its computer-based counterpart.


Microsoft Word App is one of the top word processing application available for mobile devices. Certainly, anyone who is familiar with Microsoft Word will find very little if any difficulty in using this app. Many of the tools available in the app are exactly the same as the computer variation. The added simplicity of collaboration that the Microsoft Word app makes it an ideal tool for traveling business professionals. They are able to complete their work in situations where it was not feasible even with the laptop to do so. This and the many other features the app possess more than make up for any limitations. If it’s not the number one word processor app in the world then a camera finish is need.