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June 16, 2020
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Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft Powerpoint is used by many people. From Students, Office Working People, Businessmen everybody uses Powerpoint. Nowadays, Microsoft Powerpoint comes preinstalled in almost every Laptop or Computer. In fact, it has become a necessary requirement for many people. Microsoft PowerPoint is a Presentation Program, created by Robert Gaskins and Dennis Austin at a software company named Forethought, Inc. There are over 500 Million Powerpoint users around the World. This shows the popularity it has gained around the world right? In fact,30 Million Powerpoint Presentations are made on Everyday. It is available both in Laptop and also for Mobile. Today, we will review it and tell is it Really Good?

Microsoft PowerPoint Features

Now, if you living under a rock and dont know what is Microsoft PowerPoint, it is used for making Presentations. It allows you to create and show slides to support a presentation. On the other hand, you can combine text, graphics, and multi-media content to create professional presentations. See, PowerPoint is a part of Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office also includes other apps like Microsoft Word and Excel. In most cases, it requires taking the photos or your information and filling it in the Empty Boxes. Then you can add text, draw, add graphs, and much more!!! Most Importantly you can even add Animation Effects in Each Slide. There are tons of templates available so, you can choose anyone according to your Preference.

Functions of Microsoft PowerPoint Are:

  • You can customize the Appearance and Format of the Slides. It comes with Preloaded Themes so, you can choose anyone according to your Preference.
  • An option of Slide Transitions is also available. This Feature will add an Effect when switching slides during a slide show.
  • You can add presenter notes beside each slide as accompanying content.
  • Optimize the Display Size according to your Usage. For example, you can use a larger screen ratio when displaying on a projector compared to a computer screen.
  • Create, Edit, and Import Charts.
  • You can even Insert Vector and use 3D Models.
  • Export in 4K Resolution.
  • You can Record and Insert Media.
  • Manage Hyperlinks and Customize Color Schemes.
  • The Presenter View feature lets the presenter view the slideshow with notes on a laptop or computer monitor. But, the Audience sees only the Slides.
  • Inserting a Photo Album.
  • Add Animation Effects.

There Tons of Other Effects as well!! It comes with Many Features that will help you make a Professional And Stunning Presentation.

The Positives

Microsoft PowerPoint can also be run Within a Web Browser for Free. The Interface is very simple and very easy to use. At the first time, only you will learn many things. Not only for making Presentations it is used for many other things. Brand style guides are often composed in PowerPoint because users can create visually appealing instructions for distributors to flip through. Actually it’s up to your Creativity as the Software offers so many things. As you can Photos, Videos, Animation, Transition Effects it makes your Presentation more Appealing. Adding Presentor Notes can help people understand more about your Project. On the other hand, it will make your Presentation more Interactive. That’s the reason why it is used also in E-Learning.

The Negatives

When you are using Microsoft PowerPoint the Audience is grabbing information from Two Sources. Once from the Presentation and other what the Presentor is Speaking. This can make Difficult fro the Audience to Grasp the things.PowerPoint does provide an analytics dashboard, leaving the presenter with no information that they can work off of. If you dont make the Presentation is really good you can quickly disconnect with the Audience. Meaning bad text placement, using more animation effects or distracting font can make your Presentation Bad. You have to use all the things very Accurately. These issues described above depends upon the Requirements of the Presentor and also his/her Presentation Skills. Although, no Negatives or Issues were found when using Microsoft Powerpoint.

Conclusion(Should You Use Microsoft PowerPoint)

Microsoft PowerPoint is very useful and you should definitely use it. There is no thinking about it. Just go for it. It is simple and very easy to use. Give it a try and you won’t be disappointed for sure.




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