Microsoft Excel: View, Edit, & Create Spreadsheets


The Excel spreadsheet app lets you create, view, edit, and share your files with others quickly and easily. Create spreadsheets, data analyses, charts, budgets and more while you view and edit workbooks attached to email messages.
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June 16, 2020
6.0 and up
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Microsoft excel
Microsoft excel is a application developed by Microsoft for the creation of a spreadsheet. Microsoft works in windows, iOS, android and even in macOS.
It helps in creating spreadsheets, calculations, pivot tables and also the graphs and pie chats that is what we call it as visual understanding and these spreadsheets makes the data analysis work even more simpler.
• Spreadsheets
Spreadsheets of Microsoft excel works exactly same way in any device. The spreadsheets makes it very easy to understand the data by data analytics and even a person who is not very professional in analysing data still can understand it by using the charts and graphs feature of the Microsoft excel.
• Table
You can create pivot tables using Microsoft excel. These tables helps the data to be more organized and summaries it in a short form. So the reader do not have read the data in detail. He/she can view the table as it is the summarized version of the data.
• Calculations
Microsoft excel makes your calculation very simple you just have to write the data and apply the formula which you want to apply on that data and in a blink of an eye you r calculations are done. It makes the calculation very easy.
• Review and Edit
You can review and edit any spreadsheet document of Microsoft excel In any device. You can create a duplicate of the file make editions in one file and still have the original file as a copy. You can even hide or unhide you files in your device.
• Easy sharing of data
You can share the data with each other very easily. You can invite others to view, edit or leave comment under your work. For other sharing options you can also attach or copy the link to your workbook.
Basic version
You can use the basic version of microsoft excel in any android, iOS, macOS or windows device. It supports any device which have android lollipop or kit kat till june 2019.
You can use the application in any device even if it have 1 GB of RAM or above. You can create or edit your spreadsheet documents in any device even if the screen size of your device is less the 10.1 inches you can still use the document in your device.
Microsoft 365
Microsoft 365 is the paid version of the Microsoft excel. To get this you have to pay and get the paid subscription from the company. Just like Every other application which have the paid subscription option you will pay for the paid subscription and will get some extra features in the application bye paying and making the in application purchases.
The subscription purchased by Microsoft 365 Will be charged to your play store account. And the subscription will automatically renew itself 24 hours before your purchased subscription will end. But, you can also disable the auto payment option.
How does the company earn?
Microsoft Excel is a software to create spreadsheets. And the software is introduced by the Microsoft company. The Microsoft is not a small company all of the basic applications which are used in offices like Microsoft word, Microsoft power point and Microsoft Excel.
Microsoft is already Is a very known company. It is a very successful company. It is already earning a huge amount only if the users are also using the unpaid version of their application.
So, are providing most of their features in their unpaid or basic versions of their application. If you still want more. You can purchase the paid or the subscription version of the application. And the company can also earn additional from its paid users.
You should use the application and make your work easier by using its various features and you can display your work in a systematic manner.
It download the application visit: