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2 june 2020
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Instagram is one of the famous social media platform in today’s social media world. Is is a n American photos and videos sharing social networking service. Instagram’s parent company is Facebook. It was invented by Kevin systrom and Mike Krieger. The application was launched in October 2010.
When this was first launched it was only made for ios when the app got famous and the android users also wanted to use the application. Then the Android version of the app was invented in April 2012. It a total free application. Users can share photos or small videos.


Instagram was firstly started in San Francisco by it’s two inventors that is Kevin systrom and Mike krieger, they have tried to built a similar platform like foursquare. The word “Instagram” is a amalgam of “insta” that is instant camera and “gram” that is telegram.
It was first launched on 6 October 2010. The app war released though the iTunes App store and at then it was only for the iPhone users. And soon the application attained high popularity so they have also released a android version of the app. The android version got released on google app store on 3 April 2012.
The app got real famous in two years that it had that it got 40 million users in just two years after its launch. This increasing success of the application caught the attention of Facebook and soon Facebook purchased Instagram for $1 billion in the summer of 2012.
And since after then the app always had more and more profit as in today’s world everybody wants a social network and Instagram is one of the best and most famous application with this a lot of features so, new people are joining it everyday.
As per the stats of 2017 the application have 700 million of active users, which is twice as the Twitter’s total user base.


There are many other features like along with the picture or short video users can also add a caption related to their content and also Tag their friends in their picture or video. You can also add your location along with your post.
Each person can see his/her own posts in their own feed and can also view the pictures or videos from their friends feed in which their friends have tagged them both set of images or videos can be seen at anytime on your feed along with the date when they were posted on Instagram.
You can like your friends posted photos or videos and can also comment on them and they can also reply you back in the comment section you can also share the stuff in the direct message and you can also save the stuff for later. You can save any post to keep it save and you can look at it anytime you want it will get safely stored in the saved section in the settings.
These were the permanent posts which we were talking about. They will appear on our feed if somebody opens up up our feed these posts they can see. These posts appers on our feed unless we delete them by ourselves.
But, this is not the only way to upload you post your pictures or videos. If you want them permanently you can directly post it on your feed. But, if you want to keep it for a while you can add it to your story. The photo or video uploaded to your story only appers for 24 hours and later it gets disappear after 24 hours.
There was a recent update in the feature of Instagram that we can save out story to highlights and these highlights will also appear where our other permanent posts appear. The stories which will not be added to highlights will disappear after 24 hours and the highlighted stories will stay there on our profile and can be viewed anytime . It will disappear only if they will be deleted or removed from the highlight collection.

Picture Edit

When you post any picture on instagram you have two options either you can directly click and post to your feed or you can select a photo from your gallery and then post it. In either case you have a feature to edit the picture before finally posting it you can choose different light filters, set the brightness, shadow, sharpness and many other things to improve the picture.
And, if we even talk about the stories. On their also we can directly click and postbox select picture or videos from gallery and in there also we can apply filters and in stories we also have boomerang option which got very famous.


Though you can make new friends and interact with your existing friends on Instagram but, you should not add total strangers to you instagram accounts. As, you never know the mentality or intentions of any person. And you should not upload your personal data on your profile as it can be misused by anybody.
This is not only for Instagram if you are using any social media, your safety is in your hands. You have to be careful that whom you are being friends with and you should know how much information you should share on any social media platform.

I’d like to conclude by saying that this Facebook app Instagram is a very popular application amongst the young generation. If you want to enjoy the exclusive features of this application, download it directly from the google app store and have fun with it.