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Disguise your online identity and access blocked apps and sites with Hotspot Shield, while keeping your mobile activities anonymous, private and secure!
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9 June 2020
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Hotspot Shield is virtual private network. It creates the encrypted connection with a dedicated server that protects the user’s Internet activities eavesdropping. As a result, it is very popular and for anyone who wants secure Internet access. Users range from everyday citizens to revolutionary leaders. Insecurity is the apps primary feature it does have other features that increase its usefulness. Though one of the few complaints the app receives is that not all of them are free. With the app fully compatible with multiple devices and freeze down load any potential user can access Hotspot Shield. Once a user access Hotspot Shield, they are guaranteed a safe and secure Internet experience.


In 2008 the Windows and Mac OS versions of Hotspot Shield were released . Then iOS and Android variation were released in 2011 and 2012. This allowed for a wide variety of users to finally gain secure access. One of the most notable uses of this feature and app was during the Arab spring protests of 2010. Many of the protesters were able to access the Internet through hotspot shield and bypass the censorship of the governments. Hotspot Shield was used in similar during  the Egyptian revolution in 2011. This is been a pretty pattern over the last decade. Whenever a group wishes to continue communicating messages that might be censored by a tyrannical government what do they use? The answer is almost always is Hotspot Shield.

How it works

Hotspot Shield is only effective because it fully owns all the servers the app connects to. when a client activates the app, it establishes a secure connection to one of the virtual private network servers. Eavesdropping is prevent encrypted the connection. through this connection and server, the user is able to access the net. In addition to protecting the connection eavesdropping the app also prevents IP address of the user from the seeing. Though the app can greatly increase security and privacy it cannot completely erase the presence of the user.

In addition, in order to bypass censorship a user can log onto a server outside of the origin country. Example of this was the increased use of hotspot Shield during the 2014 protest. It was suspected that all Internet information leaving the city was heavily censored by the Chinese government  . This feature is its biggest claim to fame and is what draws clients. However, it is not the only feature available on the app.


one excellent feature of the hotspot Shield Avenue is that its basic functions are free. Downloading the app and then accessing the net through one of the servers doesn’t cost a cent. as of 2019 when Pango took over the operation of hotspot Shield additional features have become available. Unfortunately, only through the premium package which you have to pay for. That being said these features are useful and definitely complement the apps baseline functionality.

One of these features that without doubt complements the baseline is the antivirus protection. While hotspot Shield guarantees safe and secure browsing on its own it can’t prevent cyber virus attack. While a user’s device might have antiviral software installed it doesn’t hurt to have an extra layer of defense. Hotspot Shield’s antivirus protection automatically becomes available with the premium package.

Chooseing which countries server to connect through is another feature that has to be paid for . Put another way you have to pay if you want to choose the server hotspots Shield app connects through. if you don’t pay for this premium feature the app will simply connect to the nearest server. this usually means the server inside the country from which you are connecting. In some countries this is not an issue in others this would not avoid censorship. the country chose to shut down all Internet servers this would include the hotspot Shield servers. The only way an individual could messages would be to connect through a Hotspot Shield server in a neighboring country. which is exactly what happened during the Arab spring and Egyptian protest/revolution.

Additional Guards

password manager, advertisement eliminator, and Robo shield are other features that are only available with premium. The first as the name suggests protects and manages passwords. A user can access their password for any device from this protected file. The last is an anti-spam call function. As the name implies it shields the user from Robo colors trying to steal the user’s information. While it is annoying that none of features are freely available there’s no denying their usefulness.


Hotspot Shield app is definitely the top secure Internet access programs in the world. While the protection is not perfect no shield in history ever was. Hotspot Shield is definitely one of the strongest Internet security shields of the modern-day.  Hotspot Shield becomes the most impregnable defense for its user when its features are added. While there have been some criticisms of Hotspot Shield most users are more than satisfied.


What's new

-Fixed some issue on Android 5.0

-New Customization and fast servers