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Welcome to the dojo, ninja. Your objective: become a master of slicing fruit! What better way to do that than play Fruit Ninja, the original hit fruit-slicing mobile game? 🍉
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June 8, 2020
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Fruit Ninja is a mobile arcade style game. The game was developed by Halfbrick Studios an Australian videogame developer. It was originally released in 2010 for Android and iOS devices. Since then Fruit Ninja has been expended numerous devices and consuls. The popularity of the game comes in large part from its simple yet addictive gameplay. Another reason for Fruit Ninjas success is the developers never ending attention to detail with constant of updates. The game has been wildly popular since its release usually receiving a rating of at least four out of five. Taking all this together it’s no wonder that fruit ninja a decade after its release is still a top-tier game.


Fruit Ninja’s gameplay consists of a player slicing pieces of fruit tossed up onto the screen. This is achieved by swiping a finger or fingers across the fruit. Cutting one piece of fruit equals one point. Cutting multiple pieces of fruit with a single slice is a combo. A combo generates a point multiplier equal to the number of fruit cut. A player starts a normal game three lives the game continues until all lives have been lost. Lives are lost either by missing or cutting a bomb. Bombs are one of the nonstandard items tossed up in Fruit Ninja. there are two nonstandard piece of fruit they also appear in a game. The first Dragon fruit which appears totally random. The Dragon fruit is worth 50 points if the player manages the slice it.

The second rare fruit is the pomegranate. The pomegranate is a unique due to the fact that it will allow the player to slash it multiple times. After a set time will explode destroying any other fruit on the screen. The pomegranate awards points based on number slashes other fruit that was destroyed. In other words, if a player slashes the pomegranate 50 times, he is awarded 50 points. Plus, the points for the fruit destroyed by the pomegranate’s explosion. If the player is lives this is useful fruit to slice things to the life restore feature. If player has few lives left, they can gain a life for every 100 pieces of fruit they cut. A player who is quick with their fingers can achieve truly impressive scores.


Fruit Ninja has two additional modes of play. Both of these offered unique ways for a player to achieve a high score under time to conditions. The first of these modes is Zen mode. In this mode the player has 90 seconds to slice as much fruit as they can. Zen mode lacks Dragon fruit, pomegranates, and the ability to score a combo. Fortunately, it also lacks bombs or any way for the player to lose lives. The whole point of this mode is to score as many standard points as possible in the time available.

Arcade mode is the second additional mode of Fruit Ninja. In arcade mode the player has 60 seconds to achieve as high a scores possible. There are bombs in this mode and if the player hits one the game is over. Arcade mode unlike Zen mode does allow the use of power ups. Also, in addition to Dragon fruit and a Pomegranate which is tossed of the end an additional fruit is available. This fruit is the bonus banana which is exclusive to arcade mode.

There are three types of bonus bananas each with its unique special effect. The frenzied banana will remove bombs from the field and throw out extra fruit. The double point banana doubles all points gained during its effect. Finally, there is the freeze banana which temporarily slows down the movement speed of all items on the screen. This mode way to improve their ability to keep track of multiple items and effects.


Fruit Ninja has additional features that provide bonuses to a player. The most prominent of these being the Start Fruit boots. These are three unique booths that can be purchased from the power of menu in the dojo. Bomb deflect is one of these boots is the name implies the flex bombs offscreen when hit. This means the player won’t lose lives by accident hitting a bomb. the next boost is Barry blast which turns a strawberry you cut into a fruit bomb with five points. Additionally, the strawberry will destroy any nearby fruit for additional points. Peachy time is the final boost which will grant the player additional time at the end of either Zen or Arcade mode. They are purchased with Star Fruit which is the primary in game currency of Fruit Ninja.

Star Fruit can be acquired one of three ways. First after each game a number of star fruit will be awarded proportional to the total score. This proportion is usually one Star Fruit for every 20 points. Meaning of the players scored 820 points they would receive 41 Star Fruit. They can also be acquired by slicing a Star Fruit during a game. Additionally, a player can purchase Star Fruit in app purchasing. Whichever method you use as a player gathering Star Fruit takes time but is worth the effort.

Additional features

Additional features of fruit ninja are the unique blades and dojo’s that can be purchased or unlocked. In the game the term blade refers to the color of the slash made by the finger swipe. The dojo is menu that allows the play access boosts, learn about the game, and a quick blade and dojos. When a player unlocks and sets a new blade or dojo, they have the ability to level it up. doing so may unique abilities which will help the player gain higher scores. Any player with their amateur or old master can become the ultimate Fruit Ninja these features.


Fruit Ninja in the decades since its launch has become a timeless entertaining game. It’s simple yet demanding gameplay challenges you to be the best Fruit Ninja they can be. The games popularity is clearly evident by the number of variations and spinoffs that have been created from it. The game developers regularly release updates to remove bugs and implement player suggestions. This is why players can enjoy the challenges of Fruit Ninja. Whether it’s just for entertainment or the goal to become the Ultimate Fruit Ninja master.


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