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10 June 2020
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DuckDuckGo is a internet search engine. It is shortly known a DDG. It’s main emphasis is on maintaining private platform and maintain the privacy of people. The company is developed and established from Paoli Pennsylvania in Greater Philadelphia.
It is a 11 years old company. It was launched on 25th September 2008. It basically, works like any other search engine example Google Crome, Internet Explorer etc. According to the latest update of may 2020 it was found that there are 93 employees working in their office.
Company’s name is named after a children’s game known as DuckDuck Goose. The founder of the company was Gabriel Weinberg. It was found on 29th February 2008.
It got itself included in safari and firefox as an optional search engine and extension.
• Your privacy is protected with DuckDuckGo while searching online.
• Your personal data is kept with this faithful search engine.
How is it better than other search engines like Google?
Google is one of the most famous and widely used search engine all over. But it is not a hundred percent safe platform. Google keeps a close eye on it’s each user. Google monetize us very closely it checks what activities are going own, and gets all the possible data that it can acquire from us and also sees what are interests of the users.
You text one message to your friend using Messenger related to any particular thing or product and suddenly you’ll be going to get ads about that product all over the site you use. Like you mention in a chat head that you are going to buy PUBG game the one for Xbox sooner you’ll see the advertisements from various sites like amazon who are selling the same product.
Similarly you check out the PUBG official for one time and sooner the Twitter will be suggestion you to follow the PUBG official Page or its developers there.
Google knows about my routes and knows where ever I go with the help of google maps. It always know where I walk, drive or even fly any region across world. It knows which website or application I prefer for my groceries. Also, ask me about the pictures of the places I go or the food I eat. Google knows us very, very closely. It knows about every single action of ours.
How do the company makes money?
You must have been thinking that buy selling your data Google can make a good amount of money with advertisements but how does DuckDuckGo makes money. When you use DuckDuckGo as a search engine it also provides you advertisements and they generates revenue from it. But, it does not invades your privacy.
It focuses on the key words from your search and just provide you with related ads. Like you search for Air purifier. So, it’ll provide you with advertisements of air purifier. Unlinked google. You search for Dyson’s air purifier it will give you advertisements from Dyson, from amazon and even other apps for the exact purifier you searched for.
It uses only the keyword just to make sure to provide you with related advertisements. They do not have anything to do with your interests in particular product or thing and they do not use you search history for any of their purpose. So, they do not safe any search history of users.
In Google even if a person tries to search something in incognito mode, it’s not recorded in history we see but, still you can see the related ads on normal google.
Eventually, I’d like to conclude by saying that if toy are looking for a safe search engine platform, where you can search stuff but still dont get your privacy invaded or which, you can trust with your personal data to be kept safe you must try DuckDuckGo.
Google is a very old search engine people are not ready to change it very easily. But, if you consider you privacy first Google is not the right platform. And if it is considered carefully it is a very serious matter that Google is trading it’s users data ro make revenue.
I think you must try DuckDuckGo for once.


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