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Join millions of players worldwide as you build your village, raise a clan, and compete in epic Clan Wars!
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24 April 2020
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Clash of Clans is a free to play mobile strategy game first launched in 2012. Clash of plans since its launch has gained a devoted following of fans and players. the game is compatible with both iOS and android devices. The primary focus of classic lands is for player or group of players to gather resources by attacking other players. At the time of his release question plans had several unique features that very few other mobile strategy games possessed. clash of clans also received and continues to hold generally positive critics. All this and much more is why clash of clans continues to be one of the great mobile strategy games.

The App

Class of Clans was developed and run by Supercell a Finnish game. It is set in a fantasy world where the player takes on the role as chief. The player’s goal is to expand his or her village. This is achieved by building and upgrading various structures and army units in the game. There are two ways to do this in the game, three if you count in game purchases. This feature allows the player to use a credit account to purchase items that boost their game stats. The second is to gather resources from the settlement, a time-consuming but easy method. The third and most common method is to attack other players and raid their villages for resources. This is the point of clash of clans and were some of the features of the game come into play.


Clash of Clans gameplay is broken up into two parts. The first part is base building or village building in the case of Clash of Clans. There are three types of buildings available for the players village. Resource buildings of the first type. This consists of buildings that generate and store resources. Resources are then used to construct new buildings, trained troops, create spells, and perform upgrades on all the aforementioned. The second type of building our troop generators or barracks. These generate the various types of troops available in the game. By upgrading these structures, it becomes possible to train more advanced troops at also upgrade the troops. the final type of building available are defensive structures. These can be simple traps, defensive towers of varying natures, and a wall circles the entire perimeter of the village.

Clash of Clans second gameplay part is the strategic attacking of other players. The first step to this is to train an army of troops from the barracks in the village. There is a wide variety of troops available at all levels of the game. The higher the level of the player the more troop types may have available. There are also hero units available to the player. These are special units that have higher stats and provide boosts to other units. The final part of preparation for an attack is to create spells. These are player triggered the effects that can either boost the effect of the players troops or destroy enemy units.


Once the Army has been assembled the player selects the target and initiate an attack. The attack only lasts three minutes. From the beginning to the end of the battle the player selects where to deploy his troops to attack the enemy village. This is part of the strategy of the game. A player can defeat a superior opponent by positioning his troops to take advantage of weaknesses in the enemy’s defenses. It is important to remember that once the troops are deployed the player no longer has any control over their actions.

Another part of the strategy for the game is choosing what to upgrade or build with the resources you have available. Making a mistake here could take days or weeks of gameplay to correct. The final part of Class of Clans strategy is deciding how to layout your village. Decisions made here will determine how much of your resources can be defended. Also, will determine how much damage is dealt your Village during an attack.


Supercell has continued to update Clash of Clans since it was released, constantly rebalancing gameplay and fixing bugs. A part these updates and also included adding new aspects of gameplay. The two most well-known additions have been Clan Wars and Base Builder. clan wars saw the addition to the game of clans. Clans are groups of players band together to share resources and troops. A clan war is when two clans initiate a conflict between each other. The clan at the end of the war with the most points wins. Points are determined based on individual members of a clan attacking opposing clan members. The number of stars they achieve during the attack will determine how many points are added to their clan.

Base Builder is an update to Clash A Clans that allows a player to create a second settlement. This new settlement is located on the that the player sails to. The new base has a new set of structures and also provides additional resources. This greatly expands the capabilities the player has to work with. It also increases the complexity of the strategy since this new base can still be attacked.


Clash of Clans tactical strategy makes it is popular today as it was when he was released eight years ago. The strategy aspect of actually deciding how to build your base and deploy your troops were groundbreaking at that time. The majority of mobile strategy games did not provide that level of control. Even now super sells updates and modifications continued to keep classic lands current in that regard. The updates also continue to improve the game and other aspects, that continue to entertain the players. Also impress the critics with one out of four usually giving positive reviews. In fact, the game has been so successful a spinoff called Clash Royale has been created . This is why Clash of Clans is one of the top ranked mobile app strategy games in the world.