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Canva makes design and video editing amazingly simple (and fun)! 🙌 Create stunning Christmas cards, Holiday wallpapers, and New Year greetings with your photos and videos—even if you’re not a design expert!
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June 24, 2020
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Canva Is a graphic design program that allows the user to create posters, videos, social media graphics, and other visual media. Canva as versions for both Computer and mobile devices. The bass program is free to download and provides the user with many professional graphic design tools. Canva has paid versions that provide additional features and wider range of functions. Since its launch in 2012 the program has become more and more popular. In fact, as of 2019 the program now has an estimate 20 million users across 190 countries. This makes it one of the best and most popular graphic design programs available for mobile devices.


Canva Was founded in Australia in 2012. Within the first year it had already become popular with more than 700,000 users. The reason for the success is due to the fact that the company behind the program is constantly improving it. This is best seen in 2015 when it launched “Canva for work”. A variation of the program specifically tailored for businesses That needed to produce marketing materials. The company also takes the opportunity to add new material to Canva whenever Possible.

Such as in 2018 when they acquired the presentation company Zeetings. This was seen again in 2019 when they Announced the acquisition of Pexels and Pixabay to stock photo sites. All three of Canva acquisitions added new features or expanded existing ones. The company has also experienced some serious difficulties such as in 2019 when a major security breach occurred. We are over 100 million users accounts were breached. Canva Quickly secured the breach and then spent the next year we working at security and privacy policies. In 2020 they release their new privacy policies in both legal and common form. They did this and where to stay in compliance with their brands motto Keeping things simple and understandable to an everyday user.

How it works

Canva it’s a very understand and use graphic design program. A user can start from scratch or use one of the thousands design templates that are available. With over 60,000 such professionally design templates available the user has no shortage of choices. Once the general design is chosen the user can then add text, photos, and/or videos and arrange them on the template as they see fit.


Canva has many features that help a user edit their graphic design like a master. One of these features is there “text adder”. This feature allows the user to position text anywhere they wish on the document including photos. It also allows the selected text to be altered beyond simply language edits. It’s also possible to alter the font itself thanks to Canva Over 700 options. Text can also have its size, color, and angle altered. The last being the most innovative as it allows the text to be tilted into a diagonal angle. So instead of having All the text on the graphic design horizontal it’s possible to shift it so it reads at an angle or even vertically. Thus Canva opens up all sorts of creative possibilities to the user.

Another unique feature is the photo editor. Canva Allows the user to select the perfect photo whether that is something from their device’s library or from the program’s impressive gallery of photos and illustrations. this is a user always find the best for the graphic design they are working on. If they don’t have one to work with from their own collection, they are sure to find what they need on the program.

Canva also allows the user to edit an image to their taste for the design there are working on. The programs editing function allows for the modification of various filters on the image as well as changing the brightness. In addition, also had certain effects such as visitation seamlessly into the picture. This function also allows for the videos onto the graphic design. In other words, the user can adjust each they want to use the delay feel it is perfect.

Additional features

Canva also provides easy access to various social media platforms easily share with the user is created. Simply select the design and then choose how you would like to start. From there the user has a variety of options including Facebook, Insta Graham, whatsapp, email and a variety of other choices. Additionally, the user has the option of saving the image, design, or video they created directly to their device. An alternative option is for the user to pay to have a physical version of the image that created printed out.

The management will arrange for a print of the graphic design to be made and sent directly to the user. The user has a variety of options to suit whatever they wish for their design. They wish to share its then they need only pick a social media site and post the design. If they wish something more permanent display on the wall they can send away for a physical copy. Or they simply want to keep the design as a memento of a special event then they can save it to their device. They would only have to share it with the people they want to see no one else.


Canva Over its short and impressive history shows that it provides first rate graphic design services. Simple and easy-to-use design allows a user to create a graphic design from the ground up or with a little help. The ability to add or alter texts anywhere on the graphic design the future not commonly seen and adds a unique twist. With a wide variety of stock images or the ability to upload a desired one the user has no lack of inspiration. In addition, the ability to edit the image as they see fit allows user to create something only limited by their imagination.

This is further helped by the wide variety of options the app makes available in all categories. Whether it’s a stock graphic design, a font choice, or an image there are thousands to choose from. As a result, Canva is one of the best mobile graphic design apps available. Why else would millions of people choose to use it?


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