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June 10, 2020
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Candy Crush Saga is a free to play puzzle match game. The game was developed by king game company and launched in 2012. Soon after the game became wildly popular which led to subsequent variations being released for multiple platforms. The game’s simple yet enthralling gameplay has entertained billions of players. The game has been a huge success for King so much so that it is released three sequels of the game. The games model is also used as a basis for the majority of King’s other games. For all of these reasons Candy Crush Saga is considered the most successful free to play game in the world.


The objective of candy crush saga is to clear a game board by matching pieces of simile colored candy. By matching three pieces players clear a section of the board. The cleared space is refilled by three new pieces which can lead to more matches. When the player completely clears the board, they move up to the next level. a player has a certain number of chances or lives to complete a level. If they usable their lives and failed to do so they have to wait for their lives to regenerate. Once that happens, they can start again.

By making a match of four or more pieces of candy unique bonuses in the form of special candies appear. These special candies serve as power ups by allowing large numbers of different colored candies to be cleared. The way these special candies clear the board depends on which candy it is. In addition, each level has bonus objectives. These objectives are completed by finishing certain tasks. These tasks can include collecting a certain number of one type of candy on a board or clearing a level within a certain time limit. As the player progresses through levels does levels get more challenging. All in all, a simple hand fairy enthralling game style.

Freemium Format

When king launched Candy crush saga it was the first freemium format game they had. This format better known as free to play provides the base level of the game completely free to download and play. There are however in app purchases which can greatly enhance gameplay. As the name implies these are not free and require a credit card or other form of credit purchase to access. It is possible to play the game without purchasing these boots and special actions.

However, most players will do so at least occasionally for a particularly difficult level. It is also from these purchases that king is able to generate revenue which allows them to continue to update candy crush saga and produce its sequels. This model has become so successful that majority of Kings games use it. As well as a great many of its competitors who have seen the success of free to play games.


Candy Crush Saga continuously since its release. Each new update or episode as the game refers to it add something new. Usually this consists of 15 new levels and a slight change in game mechanics. It can however also add new story material such as introducing characters. Characters are large part of the Candy Crush Saga indeed the primary story for the game is Tiffi. The player solves the game levels allows Tiffi to solve problems for other characters residing in Candy Crush Saga’s Candy Kingdom. some of the recurring characters include Mr. yeti the shop owner the bubblegum troll the primary antagonist of the game. Other characters have been added or removed with updates as have levels.

One such being the dreamworld. The dreamworld updates created essentially a second game within candy crush saga. Dream World and its special character Odus the owl possessed many of the same features as Candy Crush. One of these was to avoid waking up the owl which would automatically failed level. another feature was that it had independent lives from candy crush saga. A player could switch between the two continue playing in one of their life’s regenerates in the other. However recent updates have removed dreamland from the Candy Crush Saga.


Candy crush saga is without doubt one of the most popular and successful free to play games ever made. It’s simple yet complicated game is so enthralling that once a player starts a game it’s hard to stop. The continuous updates to the game allow it to change and never become boring. The in-app purchases for those who wish to advantage of them provide a player and advance in difficult levels. This game has been so successful that it’s developer King has launched three sequels. The sequels in addition to almost all of King’s games use the same free play format. as have many of their competitors. All of this is why Candy Crush Saga is the greatest free play puzzle game of all time.


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