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CamScanner is the best scanner app that will turn your phone into a PDF scanner. Convert images to pdf in a simple tap. Download it for FREE!
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Varies with device
June 18, 2020
Varies with device
Varies with device
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CamScanner is a mobile app that allows your mobile device to function as a scanner. The app basically turns your iOS or Android device into an image scanner that can scan any document. It then renders the scanned image into a PDF that can be sent, edited, or one of its other many features. the app has a free and paid version with the former providing many useful features. However, there are additional features that are only available on the paid version. Developed by the Chinese company Instig the app is available on app store and Google play store. Despite having had some security issues the CamScanner it’s still the number one scanner app for an estimated 400 million users worldwide.


CamScanner works by simply taking a picture of a selected document. Choose the document you wish to scan and take a picture. Open up CamScanner app and select the picture you just took. The app will automatically crop the document in the picture exported into a new PDF or JPEG file. At the same time, it also auto enhances the image. Basically, it will alter the focus and resolution of the image to improve readability. The readability improvement comes form of clear text and graphics. these files can be stored on the phone easily shared with business associates or others.

In order to do so simply go in the app find the appropriate file. Then choose how you want to send it then file will be sent as an attachment to that method. Say a businessman needs to send an important document as an email’s address. All he has to do is going to the PDF file then select email into the address. Once that’s done in the subject line is filled out hit send and the files on its way. The abilities of CamScanner already make it superior to most scanners, simply because most scanners don’t have enhancers. The other advantage is that most scanning devices aren’t as easily transportable as a mobile phone or other such device. These alone makes it ideal traveling businessman. However, on top of all this possesses a myriad of features that make it even more useful.


CamScanner as many other features besides scanning, enhancing, and sending PDF or JPEG files. One of these features is the ability to secure important documents. the app will allow a user to set a password for viewing important documents. Depending on the setting the document may not even be opened without the appropriate password. The password probably also be used to prevent other modifications to the document. The CamScanner app also allows for advanced editing of the scanned file. this mostly consists of the ability to make annotations and / or add custom watermarks to a document. Both these features can help the user improve the readers understanding of the document.

The app is also able to extract text from an image for further editing or to share independent. It achieves this through optical character recognition which allows you to extract text from a single page of the document. The user simply needs to select a specific section of text from the scanned file. After they have highlighted that they select the optical character recognition option. This will automatically transfer a copy of the selected tax into a new screen. In the screen the text can be edited and or saved for later use. The edited material can be reintroduced into the document file or be sent as a standalone document. This is one of the features only available on the paid version of the app.

Another Feature

Yet another feature is the ability to set e-signature up on the scanned document. Any individual who needs to send in a document with a signature as swiftly as possible would like this feature. Simply select the appropriate section or sections of the contract that require a signature and activate the e-signature function. Automatic notation will appear in the designated sections indicating that you give an electronic signature. The electronic signature will be treated as if you signed the document in person.


Sync access platforms is perhaps the most useful feature available on CamScanner. This feature allows the user to sync up device with another that has the same app installed. This means it’s possible to access the scanned file even if you do not have the device created on. For example, say you took a picture of an important documents on your iPad and that at home. this document is necessary for important meeting. Rather than drive all the way home to retrieve the iPad all the user has to do is sync.

The user simply logs on to the website for the app after signing in to the program. They should then be able to access all the files that have created on every device they have the have. An important note is that this is only possible if all of the varying devices with the app have synced. To achieve this the user simply has to sign up for this feature on the website.

Security issue

For all of CamScanner advantages it has had some security issues. A major one was discovered by the Russian cyber security company Kaspersky Lab. In August 27, 2019 they discovered that a recent version of the app contained a Trojan program. Buried in a section of the app called advertising library was a virus. This Trojan virus will allow her to gain complete and total access to the device. this virus was only in the android version of CamScanner at the time. Needless to say Kaspersky Lab made their findings know to Google as possible. As a result, Google took the app off the Google play store. It was not until September that a new version of the app was made available on the Google play store. This version specifically had the advertising along with any possible provided for cyber-attack.


CamScanner excellent mobile scanning app and probably one of the top apps of its type. The app is able to create clear and easily read PDF files from the simple picture of the document. It is able to easily facilitate the sharing of these files as well as maintaining their security. CamScanner also allows a user to easily edit any file they have on the app. This allows a business professional to remove any embarrassing errors or typos from a document. CamScanner turns the average smart device into a scanner that fits into a pocket.