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With over a zillion downloads, Temple Run redefined mobile gaming. Now get more of the exhilarating running, jumping, turning and sliding you love in Temple Run 2!
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21 May 2020
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Temple run 2
Temple run series is a 3D endless running video game. The game is developed and introduced by imangi studio. The first version of the game was only introduced for iOS devices and windows 8 in the starting on 4th August 2011. Later the game gradually became famous and was also introduced for other devices that is Android and windows.
The success of game led to introduction of its second version with the name Temple Run 2. Temple run collaborated with Disney to create the game. The success of the game had inspired many smaller games. They have introduced such features in their games. Some games also have also made a copy of Temple Run.
How to play ?
It is a endless running game, where the player controlled his running character. The character have carefully run avoiding the obstacles and enemies.
There are not very complex remotes of the game. It is a very easy and basic game. It is very fun. You just have to swipe up if you want you character to jump above any obstacle. Similarly, swipe down heels the character to slide down any obstacle.
There are time when the character reaches to a dead end and he have to turn left or right to keep continue. So, swipe left is used to turn left and swipe right helps the character to take a right turn.
There is no control to make the player run it is automated. As soon as the game starts the player is running until the game ends.
For controlling the character for small turns you can use your phone. You can move your phone left or right for the smaller turn in respective directions. Like, in the game there are times when you are safe from one side but on the other there is a river. So, to avoid your character to fall in it if it is in your left you have to keep the character in right. So you have to turn your phone toward right.
While running, the character can run and collect the coins. And that coins will add up and your character can buy various stuff with the collected money. We can buy different characters and in game items from those coins.
What if character gets stumble
If your character gets stumble in any obstacle or falls like in river or couldn’t turn on time. If any of such things happen the game stops there and they ask if you want to play the game again from the start. Or you want to keep running by watching an ad. You can play by watching ads for a few time.
And, if your character again stumbles or hurts and you’ve watched ads and played then you have to spend a diamond 1💎 to continue the ge again from there. But, if you are also out of the diamonds all you can do is start the game and play it all over again.
Movie and book about Temple Run
In November 2013, THE HOLYWOOD REPORTER reported that a very famous movie produced David Heyman and Warmer bros. were discussing with imangi about creating a movie based on the theme of the game of Temple Run.
In July 2014 Egmont Publishing had published a fiction series based on the theme of the game. The name of the series is “Run For Your Life” and the title of the first four books of the series are first is Jungle Trek, second is Doom Lagoon, third is Arctic Rwscue and the fourth is Pyramid peril.
How do temple run makes money?
The “freemium” policy of the game attracts most of the users. The original temple run had generated over 1 million dollars. It cashes in only when the users purchases character and game play upgrade. And Imangi can make more money from Temple Run 2 if they keep on sticking to freemium strategy series them.

So, I’d suggest to download the game and enjoy it’s amazing features. For more features visit it’s official site.


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