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Minecraft 2020 is a sandbox videogame that currently holds the title of “best-selling videogame all-time”. Several hundred million copies of  Minecraft have been sold since it public launch in 2011  . The game has also been adapted to work on numerous platforms. Minecraft has also had several mods developed for it and four spinoff games created. One of the reasons for its success is the limitless nature of creation in this game. The players explore the world and can create anything they want with the appropriate resources they gather. Their only limits are time and imagination. Another reason for the success of this game is the constant updates and development put into it.


Mojang Studios originally developed Minecraft 2020.  Markus “Notch” Persson created it using Java program. It was originally released in early alpha test during 2009. Minecraft played in a virtual world where players explore a 3-D block procedurally generated environment. As I’ve been able to craft whatever you want there are modes to play. Depending on these modes you can either play player versus player or defend your creations from mobs of computer-controlled enemies. One mode is Survival where you have to gather resources to survive and create items. The other mode is Creative in which the player has unlimited resources and create whatever they wish. This is the more popular of the two has seen some truly spectacular creations come to life. Players have made everything from tiny huts to sprawling cities free to let their imagination soar.

In 2014 Microsoft acquired the intellectual rights to Minecraft.  Many of the modern platform variations were released this is also the year. This includes a variation for Xbox one, PlayStation four, updated PC version, and a Windows phone variation. Minecraft has been adapted to function on Nintendo as well as the iOS and Android.  A rumor in 2019 said that my craft was going to be shut down 2020. That is false in fact the only major thing that’s going to happen to Minecraft is a new update.

Game Modes

In addition to creative and survival mode Minecraft 2020 has had additional modes that have been added over the years. Hardcore is one of the  variation of survival mode. It is essentially survival mode permanently set on the hard. Another mode is adventure mode. A player downloads a map created by other players that have restrictions set upon. In other words, the player can explore and survive on a map of another player’s imagination. Spectator is perhaps Minecraft’s most unique mode. This mode allows the player to fly through blocks and observed gameplay on other players games without interfering.

2020 update

The new Minecraft update which was confirmed at Minecon 2019 will be version number 1.16 for Java addition. This update to Minecraft 2020 will have five major features. Three these features are new maps with distinct biomes. One is a new type of mob enemy for the player to face off against. The final part of the update will be a new block that has special abilities.

The first new map in the Minecraft updates will be Seoul Sand Valley. The map is a desert with random jets of blue flame and fog in addition to giant fossilized bones. The next new map will be NETHERWART Forest Red. The map consists of a dense forest with unique features deliberately designed to confuse the player. NETHERWART Forest Blue is virtually unkown except that it’s the final new map with a unique atmosphere.

PIGLINS is the name of the new mob enemy for the update. PIGLINS are humanoid pigs that are equipped with either crossbows or swords. Pre-release gameplay suggests that if you offer them gold they will become towards the player. Otherwise they are hostile to the player and all other mobs in the game. The final part of the 1.16 Minecraft updates is the targeting block. Not much is known about it but given yhe name its probably has something to do with marksmanship. All of these new features will be available for Minecraft 2020 sometime in the summer of 2020. The exact date has yet confirmed.


In the eight years since Minecraft public release it has had a meteoric rise in popularity. In simple and yet complex game play has enthralled millions of players. That is not an exaggeration as there is a recorded 126 million players monthly as of 2020. The various ways in the game played and also the amount of creative expression it allows explains his popularity. Not to mention the four spinoffs and various modifications to the base game have done nothing but enhance his reputation. As 2020 continues to roll forward mine craft shows no signs of failing. On the contrary the update may very well boost even higher on the ratings and when it another award. That is secondary to the fact that Minecraft 2020 grants players new and old freedom to express their imagination without limitation.