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Among Us is an online multiplayer social deduction game developed and published by American game studio InnerSloth .
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About the Among Us Mod Menu Apk :

Among US MOD menu apk is an online game. It’s been very popular in recent months because of lockdown. Its a normal game who doesn’t need any high graphics like pubg , cod. You can play this game in  1/2 GB Ram phones. This game is available on android/ios and pc. You can play this game with your friends and family members, parents.  If anyone is playing on pc and his friend playing on mobile phones they can also join the same game by entering the code. The gameplay is simple and easy, one has to finish off its team members and others and find who the killer is, in this game we get to see betrayals and team coordination both at the same time. Among us in itself is an exciting adventure and thriller game .

The game is developed by Innersloth ( An indie game company ) and they release the game  on 15 June 2018 . Rapid popularity of Among Us, the company confirms the sequel of Among Us in august 2020 , but after a month company canceled the sequel by informing on their blog . They said that company focuses on improving the original game.

among us mod menu


Gameplay of among us Mod Menu apk :

Among Us is a multiplayer game , when hosting a game , you have control over how the game plays . Firstly determine who you want to play with ! If you want to play with your friends online, set to “private” and share the room code with your friends so they can join the game . OR if you wat to play with randoms all over the world set to “public” so they can enter in your game. If u are the host you can change setting according to you like –

Mod menu among us

  • No of imposters you want ( 1/2/3 )
  • No of players you want in the game ( 4-10 )
  • Confirm Ejects
  • Eergency Meetings
  • Emergency cooldown
  • Discussion Time
  • Voting Time
  • Player Speed
  • Crewmate vision
  • Imposter Vision
  • Kill Cooldown
  • Kill Distance
  • Visual Tasks
  • Common tasks

Note : If someone is being rude or spamming , hosts can temporarily kick players as a warning or ban players from the specific room .

Objectives of Crewamtes: Fill the Taskbar or discover the imposter.crewmates among us mod menu

  1. Complete the tasks to fill the taskbar.
  2. React to imposter sabotage.
  3. Call an emergency meeting if you have seen unusual activity or when an imposter found.
  4. Report dead bodies .
  5. Check the admin room and cctv cameras.

Objectives of Imposter :  Kill the crewmates .

  1. Blend in with the crewmates
  2. snake through the vents

  3. Pretend to run tasks
  4. Sabotage confuses the crewmate.
  5. close doors and trap the victims

While playing in person, no talking is allowed to keep the game fair between and the crewmates and the imposter. If a killed by the imposter then they cannot talk until the game ends. When a player dies either a crewmate or imposter they become ghosts, and crewmates can do their task and imposter can do sabotage to confuse the players.

When someone reports the body or calls an emergency meeting, then all players gather to discuss what they saw, or which players on they have suspect. But ghosts cannot talk because they already know who is the imposter. Imposter will try to prove their innocence or accuse other crewmates . after discussion, vote for who you think is the imposter. whoever gets majority votes will be ejected from the ship. and if u don’t have enough information you can skip the voting to avoid ejecting someone innocent.


Among Us mod menu apk features :


  • Cannot die when killed – 

While playing the game as a crew member, everyone is afraid of being killed by an imposter. But with this apk, you have infinite health. Even if an imposter kills you, then also you won’t be killed. With this feature, you can even confuse an imposter. So without fear of killing, enjoy the gameplay.

  • Know the Imposter – 

While playing this game as a crew member , no one knows who is imposter . But with this mod apk , when game start you already know that who is the imposter then it will be easy for you to convince your crewamtes and vote out the imposter .


  • No Ads –

We don’t want to see ads anywhere mainly in games. This game is free to play for users, but developers have to get some earnings from the competition. As a result official version of among us displays ads while playing , but don’t worry we giving you ad-free mod apk where you can disable the ads .

  • No Jailbreak Needed –

You don’t need to jailbreak your device while installing this game on your ios device .

  • Supportive Devices :

Apple 64 bit, old devices like iPhone 4 does not work for this hack. iOS 14 supported and also less then iOS 14 also supported.

  • Unlocked pets and Hats –

Pets and Hats are unlocked in this hacked version of iOS among Us.

  • Imposter Hack Special –

Among Us Always Auto Imposter enables you to be an imposter everytime when you activate this hack. Also you will be able to see the imposter using this among us mod menu hack apk.


Steps to Download and Install Among Us Mod APK :

  • To install the latest version, first of all you have to uninstall the original version or the previous version .
  • Then you have to download the file of Among us Mod APK version 2020.9.9 from below link
  • Then, you have to proceed with the install option.
  • Finally open the game and enjoy the game’s new version and finally share your experience with others so that others can download this game.
  • Now you can play this game on your android device. It’s basically dramatic and time engaging online game where multiplayer are required for operating the game.




 Is this support any type of ads ? 

No, not at all Among Us Mod apk do not support any type ads. It is ads free mod apk and user friendly.

If I use mod or Hack version of Among us, then is there any chance of getting banned?

Till now there is no banned issue but don’t know about future so use it at your own risk.

Is this Among Us mod APK Hack safe to use?

Yes, this among us Mod apk is 100% safe to use. There is no risk in using it.


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