Water Ionizers

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About Water ionizers

Water ionizers converts the normal water into the “Alkaline water”. Alkaline water promotes health. It is believed that that the alkaline water helps to improve your health conditions. Ionizer converts the normal tap water to the alkaline water by putting it into a electronic process called electrolysis.
In this process of ionization the electrical current is passed through the water, which separates the molecules into acid ions which are positively charged and alkaline ions which are negatively charged. Then the acidic ions are separated off leaving behind mode alkaline water.
The water can be further treated or made more alkaline by adding alkaline compounds such as minerals and salts.

What exactly is alkaline water?

Any liquid can be stated into to categories that is alkaline and acidic. The water us categorized as alkaline or acidic on the basis of the pH level of solution of water. pH scale of the solutions runs from 0 to 14. 0 being the most acidic and 14 being the most alkaline. And 7 is the pH level of a neutral solution.
Let’s understand this with an example any if we talk about acidic solution any like lemon juice or any citrus acid has a pH level of 2. Whereas, if we talk about any alkaline solution like baking soda has a pH level of 9. And blood of a human body is considered to be neural that is it’s pH level ranges from 7m35 to 7.45.

3 Properties of alkaline water


Alkaline water generates a property of anti-oxidant in water. In common word we can say that this property decreases the deterioration of the stored water. Or we can also say that it slows the aging process. Therefore, use to consume green tea as it has the same property. But, you can not drink green tea all the time but you can drink the water with the similar property.


As we know that our body already produces hundreds of acids and if the water we drink is also acidic the body will continue to be more and more acidic. And it is proved that the acidic body is unhealthy body and alkalized body is a healthy body. The food we eat is also acidic and the fluids produced in our body is also acidic. So the alkaline water acts as a neutralizer.


Micro cluster property helps the water molecules to come in a clustered form and not as a single molecule. This helps in reducing the molecular size of the water. So, this water can penetrate in to the cells more easily and helps in flushing out the acidic solid waste and toxins that have accumulated in over bodies.


In the previous time people use to directly consume the water from the water falls and rivers as the water use to be pure enough to consume directly. By the time when the water use to get a little dirty people use to cover their traps with a cloth so that the Dirt should get filtered by the cloth and then they can drink the clean water.
By the time when the quality of water got even bad then came the water filters. After that there was introduction Reverse Osmosis technology which we commonly call it as RO water and then this alkaline water technology got introduced.
This technology was introduced in countries like Japan from last 40-42 years. But, it is a latest technology when it comes to India as it came in India About 3 to 4 years ago.

Best water ionizers in the market

In the world of Ionizers ENAGIC has the best certified, medical grade (ISO13485) Ionizers. It is a Japanese company established in 1974. After attacks of Hiroshima and Nagasaki the life span of the people in Japan got reduced. So, the Japanese invented this technology. To maintain it’s quality japan never outsourced it’s production. The product of Enagic is available in 23 countries.

The device of Enagic company have 99.99 percent titanium plates with platinum coatings over them.and as we know that the platinum is not a cheap metal therefore the price of the device is a little high. They have the best water Ionizers as compared to the other companies who produced similar product. The size of their platinum coated plates is larger than any other company’s water Ionizers.
The company do not sell the product from their own websites. The company deals in direct selling and person who purchases this device from the company he/she get’s a platform restart a business and make money. The person who purchases the product if finds it helpful he/she can recommend it to his/her knowns and if somebody else purchases the device using their referral the company pays a certain amount as a commission to the person who’s referral is used to buy the machine.


Eventually, I’d like to conclude by saying that alkaline water neutralizes the acids in your bloodstream and help your body to metabolize nutrients more effectively which leads to improve the health and performance of body.
You should replace your ROs with this alkaline water plant. As, the RO technology was invented by NASA and they themselves have banned it by themselves. But, in India people are still not aware and using that technology. But actually, the studies have found that among with the bad properties of water it also takes away the good properties. Due to this there is increase cases of bones problems in people.

It also helps in boosting immunity, neutralizing the production of extra acids in our body. And the water itself have various nutrients and minerals like calcium and magnesium which also makes our bones strong. So, I’d personally like to suggest the ENAGIC company’s device because of their quality. Go for the BEST.

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