VR Equipment of 2020

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VR Equipment of 2020 VR equipment has numerous variations and applications. However the equipment most people are familiar with are modern virtual reality headsets which first appeared in 2010. In the decades since numerous variations on that original design have been produced. Thus, creating a wide variation of virtual reality equipment. So which company has the best virtual reality equipment for 2020?

Virtual reality

Virtual reality is an artificial simulation that creates an experience that is either similar to or different than reality. Applications for the technology are wide and varied. Applications that are similar to reality are training program such as flight simulators. VR programs designed for entertainment such as Video games are on the opposite end of the spectrum there. There is some debate over the exact origins of virtual reality. This is because no one can decide when it actually began. The modern incarnation VR started in the late 1970s. When the devices were mainly provided for training in medical, Military, and scientific fields. While headsets and controllers were the primary VR equipment of the time other unique equipment existed as well. One such being the data suit, a VR suit designed to capture the will of the human body. Considered the predecessor of motion capture systems.

The first major commercial use emerged in the 1990s when game developers started developing equipment for virtual reality. The technology progressed at a steady pace. However, it was still limited in certain aspects, such as control and video audio quality.  When the first modern VR equipment was developed in 2010 theses issues we’re steadily corrected. Now the VR equipment of 2020 shows just how much has changed in 10 years.

VR Equipment

Most virtual reality equipment follows the same standard design. That design being a helmet or mask that provides visual and audio input. Various control systems have also been released. For gaming purposes it’s either usually A standard game contact or two independent controls that allow the mimicry of human hands. Some additional input technology does exist, though not readily available.


Oculus quest is one of the best VR headsets currently available on the market. As with other oculus VR equipment the Quest does come with Wireless controls. What makes it one of the best VR systems on the market is the freedom of movement. Since in most cases oculus quest is not physically connect to an external input the weather has free range of motion. He or she can move forward, back, left, right, up-and-down to match the environment of the VR. One drawback is the screen doesn’t match a theater quality VR system. Another popular feature of the Oculus Quest are the 50 preloaded games. literally it’s ready to go out of the box, as is charged on and start playing. Additionally, it is possible to link the oculus quest with the standard console to play additional games.
example of VR equipment of 2020.

PlayStation VR

The PlayStation VR system is an older model but still able to compete against the new VR equipment of 2020. The system was designed to be functional with the PlayStation 4. PlayStation VR will also be compatible with the PlayStation 5. One of its features is the able to link the PlayStation provide full gameplay while the TV is use. This means that while one person wears the VR system another can play on the TV. PlayStation BR is also completely compatible with the standard game controller. It also has two other wireless controllers to mimic movements of the hand. The VR system processes excellent visual audio features allowed to remain current even as more advanced systems are marketing. one of the drawbacks of the system though is the requirement of PlayStation camera. Which doesn’t come with the VR system.

Nintendo Labo VR Kit

The Nintendo Labo VR Kit released in 2019 remains Nintendo’s only VR system. The Labo VR Kit converts the Nintendo switch to a VR headset. This VR headset is not effective as other VR systems. It still allows for virtual experience. A notable feature of the system are the unique games for the various Labo parts. These part can be added to the VR system. In fact, it’s possible to create a unique game experience. These unique games are created by combining the Labo parts in different ways. the downside of the system is that there’s no way to share the unique games other players. Another disadvantage of this system is that the switch screen is low quality for VR. It’s an excellent handheld doesn’t convert over well to virtual-reality. That being said of all the VR equipment of 2020 the Nintendo Labo VR Kit is perfect for a beginner.


virtual reality equipment has come a long way since it was first introduced. It started with screens and audio that could only give the illusion of reality. Whereas the VR equipment of 2020 has reached the point where it can be hard to tell reality from virtual. Some game developers such as Nintendo have only dabbled with technology. Others like PlayStation and honest attempt at creating a virtual reality experience with their games. Then you have Oculus VR, the company that started modern virtual-reality equipment.

Oculus has led the way since 2010 when the first prototypes of the oculist was developed. Constantly providing new features each of their headsets that were previously unimagined. Though in most cases simply unavailable to the public market. Perhaps oculus will be the company that provides a bark all tactile feedback system. a system that allows the user feel objects virtual-reality. This trend has been continuing with their newest equipment in the Oculus Quest. oculus will clearly continue to dominate virtual-reality market through the end of 2020. As the year progresses new equipment, they become available. It will be interesting to see if it puts what is currently here to shame. What will next big breakthrough for virtual reality equipment be. Whatever happens VR equipment of 2020 will provide the launchpad for the next generation of virtual reality.

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