Re:Zero Year 2 Closing Episode

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What You Need to have to Know:

Kadokawa’s official YouTube channel shared now a teaser video for the 13th and remaining episode of Re:ZERO -Starting Existence in Yet another Planet- Time 2.Although the narration in the video clip is playful, as it usually is in the teaser previews at the close of each episode, the video alone teases a whole good deal of action in Echidna’s tea backyard!In episode 12 of this time (#37 if you happen to be counting from time 1), we noticed just about every witch exhibit up to stop Echidna from building a deal with Subaru with a seventh, suspiciously familiar-seeking witch displaying up at the end. It can be this last witch that comes up to Subaru in the teaser movie and which is when items get mad. Subaru coughs up blood, the witches assault the newcomer and feel to want to protect Subaru when scenes of Emilia, Rem and other times flash by as we see Subaru writhing… How a lot a lot more can this poor boy consider!? Who is this mysterious witch?Interstingly, the humorous narration at the commencing of this teaser is completed by Masahiro Yokotani who is in charge of series compiosition!The ultimate episode of Re:ZERO -Setting up Daily life in A different World- Season 2 airs on September 30th JST and shortly after on streaming providers!

Source: Kadokawa YouTube Channel


Oh man, lousy Subaru!

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