Re:Zero Time 2 Announces January 2021 Summary

October 1, 2020 AppsModded No Comments

What You Need to Know:

After the last episode of Re:Zero aired September 30th (JST), Kadokawa’s formal YouTube channel posted an announcement trailer for the second 50 percent of Re:Zero -Starting off Lifestyle in An additional Planet- Year 2, which is set to air in January 2021.The video clip is short and… surely not sweet, as it hits the viewer with scenes of a struggling, bloody Subaru, alongside with other distressing and horrifying times from the first fifty percent, like Rem getting murdered by Roswaal, the Terrific Rabbit eating folks alive, the Witch of Envy, and a crazy-on the lookout Emilia. We can only think about the next fifty percent will only get darker…Test out the online video underneath!

Resource: Kadokawa Official YouTube Channel

I just want to know when Rem will be baaaack!

It can be terrifying but I just cannot search absent!

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