Making Ends Meet Legally and Easily: 17 tips

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Everyone knows solutions so as not to exceed their monthly budget: dodge the stores in the city center, cook their midday meal, limit their trips by car … And if you could really make ends meet so you no longer have to yourself to worry? There are many easy tips available to help you quickly supplement your current income. The 17 suggestions from your BenefsNet guide that you will discover below are fully legal in 2021. They will allow you to put a little butter in your spinach.

At home on specialized websites, by optimizing the profitability of objects, cars or homes that are poorly used, by selling your talents to a third party: in short, each of these options can be adapted to your constraints and / or your desires. With our help, you can now choose the idea or ideas that best suit you. There are many, but each person will have their preference.

8 tips to make ends meet easily, without leaving home

The following list explores different avenues to make ends meet quickly and easily , mainly thanks to the internet.

1. Receive paid emails

Many websites offer the sending of paid emails. Concretely, you must create a free account with your e-mail address. Subsequently, you receive advertisements tailored to your consumption habits and each click earns you money.

In order to target their emailing campaigns, websites ask you to fill out a questionnaire to draw up your portrait. Every day, you check out serious and interesting offers, while earning a few cents. Of course, if you have the time to read as many messages as possible, this activity will significantly help you make ends meet. Do not hesitate to choose this method if you like to take advantage of good deals and if you are used to checking your emails regularly.

2. Carry out satisfaction surveys, paid surveys and tests

Your opinion matters and is valuable on some sites willing to pay you for your opinion . After registering for free on a paid survey site, you are rewarded in exchange for each of your contributions. These are useful for changing the products or services sold by survey sponsors.

Depending on your profile (age, gender, place of residence, etc.), you will receive more or less requests. For each of them, to get the reward, all you have to do is complete the questionnaire so that we can know your consumption habits and other opinions.

Otherwise, test websites, games, apps, cosmetics or food products for a fee. Some platforms even organize the sending of free products directly to you , to have your return. The Feature Point app offers to download and test mobile apps. As for the Testapic offer , it lets you test websites for a fee.

In addition, you should know that testing drugs before they are marketed pays well. In short, you will become a guinea pig for money . This is a legal and useful practice, but relatively risky.

3. Remember to claim your cashback

Would you like to earn money on every purchase you make online? Service providers offer to partially refund your order. By going through these specialized websites , you can get between 4% and 15% refund.

You really have nothing to lose by taking advantage of the concept of cashback. Quite the contrary, since you would have bought just as much, but without having the euros returned. It is therefore a laudable way to make ends meet by spending less.

Note that these sites can also offer you discount coupons and interesting paid assignments.

4. Rent your property

Thanks to the internet, almost everything can now be rented. Here is the most exhaustive possible list of properties that you can rent:

  • Your tools for individuals who need them occasionally for their construction or renovation work: drills, sander, wheelbarrow, ladder, etc. Some equipment, which is expensive to purchase, is particularly expensive for the day. Here is what to earn good sums of money by doing almost nothing.
  • Your accommodation thanks, for example, to the most famous platform in the field: Airbnb . Renting accommodation between individuals is a common practice in 2021. Depending on the type and location of the property you are renting, reservation rates rise to over € 100 per night. Are you unable to completely free your place of residence? In that case, you can probably meet filming needs for TV or theaters on sites like Cast Things . A great diversity of decorations being sought, everyone can offer their accommodation, whatever it is.
  • A parking space , which is rare in certain neighborhoods and highly sought after in urban areas. A well-located parking space can be rented for up to € 250 per month .
  • A storage space (a cellar, an attic or a garage) which can be of interest to all people who have no place to store their belongings. And there are many.
  • Your car, which instead of being a drain on maintenance, is going to help you make ends meet at the end of the month. This idea is ideal if you use your vehicle little. Earning several hundred dollars a month seems achievable.
  • Your garden to allow people to camp there while on vacation. To do this, the site is a good choice.
  • Your swimming pool if you are lucky enough to own one. Because you are probably not there all summer: rent it. This possibility is very popular every year, from the end of May to the end of September. Based on this observation, several platforms have specialized in the field. The most active is certainly Swimmy who provides an income simulator to realize the real benefits to be derived from it. In this way, earn monthly up to 2200 €.

Think you have something to rent too? That’s excellent news. Before you get started, we invite you to read a previous article which gives you some tips for renting your property on the internet .

5. Sell your goods on the internet

If you’re not interested in renting out your personal belongings, or you’ve already been around, sell online:

  • Items bought cheaper beforehand to generate a margin that is sometimes very comfortable. Although many transactions take place directly on the web, nothing prevents you from going to sell your items in second-hand shops, flea markets and garage sales. By doing so, you increase the opportunities to find a buyer and sell at the best price. Collectors are the most likely to spend a fortune on a piece they miss. Why not try to take advantage of it? Auctions are a good avenue for doing business for both acquisition and resale (via eBay for example).
  • Your clothes that you no longer wear and that unnecessarily clutter your closet.
  • Your used books which are currently gathering dust. Selling rare and sought after editions can pay off big.
  • Your DIY creations that quickly become profitable assuming that they meet the needs of individuals who want to offer original gifts or decorate their homes. Always in a creative spirit, if you love to take pretty pictures, your photos or videos will meet the needs of many professionals (website builders, among others).
  • Your empty ink cartridges that cost a lot to start with. You might as well get some of the money invested in the purchase, right?
  • Your hair provided it is long and silky … Against all expectations, there is a real market for the sale of hair. Usually, they are bought to make extensions or wigs.
  • Your documents if you are or have been a student. Earn more or less euros depending on the interest that customers have in them, as well as the intrinsic qualities of your presentations, briefs, etc.

From clothes to unused items, selling is rather easy on Le Bon Coin thanks to our 5 tips for your classifieds .

6. Make sponsorship

On social networks or from your blog if you have one, generate subscriptions through an affiliate link, to earn a small commission – as a business provider. Note that sites like Loonea and Moolineo offer advantageous sponsorship packages, in addition to small, quick income- generating actions such as reading e-mails.

7. Scratch tickets online

Another popular solution, but more random, exists to make ends meet on the internet. Indeed, you can choose to have fun while earning money, through online scratch games . There are a large number of them: choose yours based on your appreciation of the interface – but also on the nature of the benefits offered.

BenefsNet is able to provide you with one or more legal and secure sites to play with the aim of making easy money. Note that the advantages of this practice are multiple: to begin with, it is not necessary to have a great command of the computer tool. In addition, the price of a scratch card is often zero or less than that of a physical card bought in a store, which makes it possible to try your luck several times. In addition, in many cases, free tickets are offered to players to encourage them (do not hesitate to take these opportunities).

8. Invest the money already earned

In the event that you already have some cash on hand, it may be a good idea to grow it to supplement your income. In this sense, we suggest some investment solutions to consider at the moment.

And here are 9 ideas for remunerative services for all audiences

After presenting the few tips to make ends meet easily, here is a list of remunerative services from which you can legally benefit:

1. Offer your services to your neighbors

In your neighborhood or city, look after children or animals, carry out moves, do housework or do errands, etc. More classic, you can also go through the classifieds in bakeries and neighborhood supermarkets to sell your services. If this tip appeals to you, check out the money-making ideas and tips in your area .

2. Do odd jobs

Work occasionally in the hotel and catering industry, during busier periods or during wedding or company dinners (diver, service, host and hostess, etc.). You can do this by looking at job advertisements on sites like Indeed .

3. Give private lessons

Do you have a favorite field in which you excel? Music, art, school subjects, foreign languages, IT … become a home teacher. On the superprof platform , also give homework help lessons, whatever the level. There are many students there in all areas.

Perfect at the start to make ends meet thanks to your skills, giving private lessons is also perfect to set up on your own afterwards. It is indeed a job that can quickly be considered full-time from home . You set your hourly rate yourself, which can either be € 10 or € 40 per hour.

4. Distribute newspapers, advertisements and / or flyers

Hand out flyers and other advertising material in the morning in front of city-center streetcars and subways. The demand in this sector is growing: check with communication and marketing agencies to make ends meet in this way.

5. Become a mystery shopper

On condition of anonymity, you enter a shop to check the reception, the sales pitch, before reporting to your employer. This practice is perfectly legal and, sometimes, the job of mystery shopper is also possible by phone or on the internet.

6. Carpool or parcel-car sharing

Carpooling, everyone is familiar with this concept now. It is a good plan to share, or even cover all costs (gasoline, toll, etc.). The savings in money thus achieved are not negligible.

For your trips by car, if you prefer to take packages rather than people, then look on the side of the car-package . Some delivery requests may correspond to your usual journeys.

7. Make home sales for a brand

A service that requires more effort, but which is likely to generate good income. To find out more, see our article on the profession of VDI (independent home seller).

8. Share your passion for your city by becoming a local tourist guide

Thanks to the Good Spot site (a gîtes de France site), you can offer your services and activities to tourists passing through the region, to supplement your ends of the month. Parisian trips around street art, a guided tour of Honfleur… It’s up to you to find your niche to reach a wide audience, while standing out from the competition.

9. Turn your car into a billboard

This technique can bring in up to € 500 per month . You have to drive a lot and have a car in perfect condition.

Make money on the internet in 2021, yes, but how?

On the internet, making ends meet is not necessarily complicated in 2021. However, depending on the method chosen, it can be a practice that takes more or less time.

We strongly recommend that you quickly try out several tips to get started . Then, if making money on the internet really appeals to you, you can spend more time on just one or two solutions, which can pay off.

On our different sections at the top of the site, you have the opportunity to discover all the reliable ideas able to help you earn some money. For example, if you want to know more about the games to make ends meet at home , we have made a short summary specially devoted to this theme.