Kohaku Dr. Stone

September 24, 2020 AppsModded No Comments

Legs for days…

What You Need to Know:

Kohaku is the strongest—and sexiest!—fighter in the village in Dr. STONE and this new GALS Series determine focuses specifically on her bodily ability.In this determine, Kohaku is posed in mid-motion sequence, with her wonderful blond hair waving in the wind, her father’s shield, a dagger in every single hand, and her very long, athletic legs make her seem like she’s gracefully floating though undoubletly kicking some butt. There is also a lovable optional element, the mask that Suika generally wears!This GAL Series Kohaku arrives at a cost of ¥12,980 and High quality Bandai is now acquiring pre-orders at https://p-bandai.jp/product/merchandise-1000149231. The figures are predicted to ship commencing January 2021.

Supply: P-Bandai.jp

Yes! I want her! And the figure as well!

Gosh, she IS beautiful, is not she?

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