What to Invest in Now to Make Money?

April 21, 2021 Abhay No Comments

Invest today to earn more tomorrow: when you have a certain amount, it is recommended to invest it intelligently in order to make it grow .

However, when one does not master the sphere of finance, it is not always easy to favor the best investments. The very ones who bring in monthly enough to improve their standard of living effectively. In this article, you will find 5 interesting solutions as well as tips to help you make the right choices in 2021.

1. Take out life insurance

Since the implementation of the flat-rate levy by the Macron Government, it has become possible to recover funds more freely on life insurance , which makes this alternative more attractive. This investment has a number of advantages: it is easy to implement, accessible to all, low risk. In addition, it allows children to benefit from an exemption from inheritance tax (up to a limit of € 152,500 per parent and per child).

The return on a fund only in euros is 2 to 3% . You can claim more advantageous rates if you diversify the investments (while keeping an amount on the funds in euros for more security).

2. Invest in the stock market

Investing in the stock market has made some people very wealthy , but it can also challenge those who don’t make the right choices. So that this practice does not penalize you, always invest sums that you “can” allow yourself to lose . In addition, don’t forget that to see your money grow, you usually have to be patient: long-term investments offer more profitability.

Do not go into the stock market if you have absolutely no knowledge in the field of finance. But if this environment appeals to you, give yourself time to train yourself , before officially launching yourself. There are many free videos available on the internet to get started on the stock market . Thanks to these, you will understand the vocabulary and the mechanisms, then develop your own stock market strategy.

3. Participate in a crowdfunding campaign

The campaigns of “crowdfunding” ( Crowdfunding ) are an interesting alternative to put his money well. For example, you can take an interest in real estate crowdfunding which offers returns of up to 10%, but also finance French companies that you have previously chosen on dedicated investment platforms.

If you want to give it a try, start by educating yourself well to make the best decisions . Indeed, these crowdfunding do not all offer the same returns: some struggle to reach 4%, while others cross the 10% threshold. There is always an element of luck in this kind of betting, but with real knowledge of the market you can be successful.

4. Buy rental property

Rental property is one of the favorite investments of the French for many reasons. Above all, it is a safe alternative, with which you take very little risk. In addition, it is much more accessible to neophytes: no need to have in-depth knowledge to buy an apartment and rent it out. Moreover, if you need advice, you can invest with the help of an expert in wealth management, and entrust the rental management of your apartment to a specialized agency.

There are different forms of investment that are more or less interesting. The LMNP status (non-professional furnished rental company) allows you to rent an apartment without having to worry about administrative aspects, because eligible residences are often managed by professionals. The rents received within the framework of the LMNP statute are little taxed. On this subject, you will find plenty of practical information on the official website impots.gouv.fr .

You can also buy a new apartment with the Pinel law to get a tax reduction if you pay for it.

5. Place your money in an internet business

There is no longer any doubt that the internet is full of lucrative solutions of all kinds . What if you took advantage of the money you have available to start a juicy business on the web  ?

Your business model can be established in different ways: earn money by selling or renting products , creating a blog and generating income from advertising, forming paid partnerships with brands and talking about them on social networks, etc. The initial investment may be minimal, but if you adopt the right strategy, then you can have a real source of income … and potentially wealth.

If you have the time, motivation and skills, focus on creating your own site. You can seek the services of autoentrepreneurs to guide you through the most difficult stages for you (graphics, development, marketing, etc.). If you don’t feel able to start from scratch, consider buying an existing site so you already have a foundation to work on.

As you can see, there is a wide variety of investments for your money in 2021. It’s up to you to choose the one that suits you best according to your skills, your aspirations and your personal tastes.

Remember that for greater security and even profitability, it is recommended as much as possible to diversify your strategies (if one of them does not work, you can always rely on the others, because you do not “depend on »Not from her…).