Faceapp pro mod Apk

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FaceApp Pro Mod Apk Modded application.

Modded applications are those applications which are not original, they are the modified version of the original application they have additional features already unlocked. Some of the applications like YouTube have both a paid and a unpaid version but in the modded application of YouTube you will get to use some of the features of paid version of YouTube without paying anything.

With the help of such kind of modded apps you can use additional features without paying anything . But, not all these applications are safe because they are not available to download from Google apps store. Rather, you have to download it from an “Unknown Source”.
The unknown sources are not always very reliable because you might get virus in your device or if the app is not genuine you might get your information leaked to the app.

Faceapp pro mod Apk

Faceapp Pro Mod Apk is a mobile application for ios and android developed by Russian Company Wireless lab and faceApp pro is the paid version of Faceapp.
It is the most advanced portrait editing technology. This application helps you to improve your selfies or pictures an it helps to adds two different smile modes to images. It’s latest technology allows high speed analysis of images sent to the server.

Face App is secure App its high security holds the information of it’s users. This app helps you look younger or older. It helps you to swap your gender with the help of amazing artificial intelligence.
It eliminates wrinkles on the face. Accurate sorting to make changes in the image. Create intriguing and unique collages in the app’s core environment.

Faceapp is a free to use application but it do have some in app purchases. Those features will get unlocked only if you will purchase it from the application. That is how the Faceapp developers makes money.

If you purchase it for one month you have to pay rupees 300, if you’ll get for 12 months you will enjoy the 60 percent discount which makes the amount to be rupees 166 per month and if you are purchasing for lifetime you have to pay rupees 7490 for once and you can enjoy lifetime of unlocked features of Faceapp.

Faceapp Mod Apk

Faceapp Mod Apk is the most advanced is the most advanced Portrait editing technology. Using this application you can improve your selfies. This app also have many unique features which make this app fun like gender swapping, virtual hair styles, virtual beards and many more such exciting stuff.
Key features of Faceapp Mod Apk.

Some of the key features of this application are :

• Like most of the other modded apps the ads are removed.
• Watermark is unlocked.
• You can change you hair colour and hairstyle using the filters.
• You can find a perfect beard or moustache again by using the available filters.
• You can apply perfect day time or night time makeup using the app.
• You can replace your background using the app in a single touch.
• You can also have full size impression filters.
• You can change your expressions like you can add a beautiful smile on your face using app.
• You can also try colour filters blur lenses and numerous other tools and features.


How to install face app mod apk

• Download the Faceapp Mod Apk directly from the link ad it is not available on the google app store as it is not the original app.
• Save the Faceapp Mod Apk file in the root folder of your respective device.
• Open up the settings.
• Allow the third party installation to install this app to your device.
• The app is now ready to install.
• Click the Apk file and press the install button, the button is provided at the right corner of the screen of your device.
• Exit after the app is 100 percent installed to your device.
• The Face App Mod Apk is now completely ready to use.

Some of the common questions by users:

Q.1 Is Faceapp safe to use?
The developers claims that the face app do not store your data or you photos which you click or edit in there. They do stores some data. But that will not break your privacy. So, it is up to you that you want to use the app or not.
Q.2 Is the app free to use ?
Yes the app is totally free to use. But, it have some in app purchases which you have to purchase to unlock certain features.
Q.3 what is Faceapp mod Apk?
Mod is the shorthand form of modified. Mod version of Faceapp provides you the features of the original app which you could enjoy only if you have the paid to unlock certain in app purchases.
Q.4 Is the modded app is safe to use ?

Yes, you can find the 100 percent safe to use APK file which do not contain any virus and yes that is safe to use.

I’d like to conclude by saying that the faceapp mod app is the easy way to enjoy the better features of the app to get unlocked without paying a single penny from your pocket. And yet, you can enjoy all the features which original app provides only to the paid subscribers of the app.
So, to have fun without paying the subscription amount you can enjoy using this modded app.

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