BONES + BUMP of Chicken + Pokemon Release Lovely Songs Online video “GOTCHA!”, Fans Go Wild

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What You Need to Know:

At the close of their Expansion Move Stream this Tuesday, The Pokemon Firm unveiled BUMP of CHICKEN’s new tunes online video, titled “GOTCHA!” which functions the band’s observe “Acacia” and every single main character and memorable pokemon in the background of Pokemon.The video starts with a group of boys (the band?) strolling together prepare tracks and then shifting to the delivery and advancement of a boy and woman and their marriage with their respective pokemon—Pikachu and Eevee, of curse! The video clip then goes on to tug at our heartstrings with extra and extra recognizable moments and faces like Profesor Oak, Gary, MewTwo and additional.The online video was finished as both equally a celebration of Pokemon in standard as effectively as to commemorate the future launch of “The Crown Tundra” sport growth on October 22 and was created in collaboration with BONES for the animation, bringing the relocating online video to life in the design and style we have all appear to know and adore, though BUMP of CHICKEN’S tunes envelops all the nostalgic thoughts in the way only they can.According to the official Pokemon YouTube channel, the movie is now obtainable with subtitles in 9 languages!BUMP of Chicken has been in the anime scene for a extremely lengthy time, possessing created opening and closing themes for anime like March Will come in Like a Lion, Blood Blockade Battlefront, and video games like Last Fantasy Variety- and Tales of the Abyss to title a number of.

Source: Pokemon YouTube Channel

Growth Go Stream + GOTCHA! Video (English subtitles)

I remember all of those times!

Just attractive! I teared up a little bit…

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