How to Become a Paid Photo Model?

April 21, 2021 Abhay No Comments

A lot of people come to flourish as a photo model . Indeed, this kind of activity allows those who devote themselves to it to succeed in enhancing their gaze, their silhouette and their physique in general. Not to mention that the payout can be very good depending on the contracts.

Then, if you really like this status and you think you can go further, it is not unthinkable to make it your job by becoming a photo model. How do you get there? Here is some information on the main steps of the process.

1. Understand the difference between mannequin and photo model, and define your own project

Anyone can become a photo model, as long as they find a photographer willing to collaborate . As a model and depending on the context, you will not systematically receive remuneration if you do not have professional status .

Like missions as an extra , if a photographer is looking for a photo model for a shoot and you are within their selection criteria, the offer may include a reward of different kinds : money or various gifts.

On the other hand, if the work of an artist particularly appeals to you and that he does not specifically offer a partnership, you can pay him to organize a quality shoot for you . This will give you the opportunity to effectively start in the world of model photography. Thanks to this first step that puts you in the spotlight, you can then be remunerated in turn if brands, and other companies, call on you for their advertising media, catalogs, etc.

Modeling, on the other hand, is a real job . To get started, it is logically necessary to be able to claim a certain number of skills, in order to claim a salary. Contrary to what some believe, you can become a professional model with an atypical physique or an appearance that goes beyond traditional codes (smaller size, tattoos, handicap, etc.). Indeed, agencies sometimes have specific needs or, in order to represent the population as faithfully as possible, they publish photos of subjects that do not necessarily have the appearance of a classic “top model”.

If you are currently totally amateur, you can start by becoming a model , to see if this activity appeals to you and if you have your chances of breaking through. While you are in this status, if you feel you have the skills, start researching the professionals in order to hope to earn money with your photos .

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2. Create your own book while respecting the codes of practice

Whether you are looking for a collaboration as a photo model or a contract as a professional model, you need a book to show what you are capable of . This is an essential step to take when you aspire to do more shoots in the future.

Ask a professional photographer near you, able to create a nice book . Warning: some photographers, even if they are particularly gifted in their profession, do not have the knowledge essential to the publication of a book. More generally, beware of people who do this work for free.

A book requires time and investment. It is normal that this service costs you a little money, but you should keep in mind that it is a useful expense, which can help you to sign profitable contracts later on.

3. Find agencies and establish a first contact

Have you finished your portfolio and feel ready to start as a professional model? After having done several shootings to learn how to position yourself and showcase yourself, you can start contacting the agencies and offer them your application.

A simple Google search will be sufficient in order to have the contact details of the establishments recruiting near you. Warning: there are sometimes casting scams , practiced by malicious people who take advantage of the lack of knowledge of neophytes. If you have the slightest doubt, ask associations specializing in identifying these problems, in order to verify that you are not being manipulated.

Before contacting an agency, make sure your profile matches what they need . Some are only looking for experienced models and cannot be called upon at first, for example. Others only target certain physical appearances (age, body type, ethnicity, height, etc.).

On the internet, you can consult the Kabook site where a large number of advertisements appear. Always be vigilant.

4. Train and fight to find contracts more easily

Modeling agencies are generally demanding: it is not enough “to have the profile” on paper to start working with them. In order to give yourself more chances to break through, do not hesitate to ask for outside help . For example, you can take advantage of the moment when you are creating your portfolio to get advice from the photographer. This can guide you in the choice of your postures and in your attitude, among others.

Later, when you have enough experience to submit your applications, don’t just send an email . In order to maximize your chances, take the time at least to call the recruiter, or even go to meet him to submit your portfolio physically and have maximum impact.

Use all means to make yourself known, because word of mouth works in this environment. So, consider posting your book online, or even running your own blog and enhancing your pages on social networks in order to improve your image.

By starting with the status of photo model, you give yourself every chance to discover the profession, in order to really know if it may interest you. Subsequently, you will have to be patient and be particularly voluntary so that your profile is retained by the agencies. But if you manage to gain notoriety, you will enter a virtuous circle which will allow you to multiply the contracts and to touch more and more money .