Alibaba Taps International Influencers

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Chinese companies know better version of technology. Not only they plan things perfectly but also execute them superficially. Undoubtedly, worldwide Chinese e-commerce are largest exporters like Alibaba. Whether we talk about any technology or raw materials. Significantly, they know to promote and attract customers.

Chinese applications like Tik Tok are extremely helpful in advertising products. These short video making apps are highly developed. Meanwhile, the world is fighting against Corona virus. The Government of several countries declared lockdown. Also, they are taking measures against pandemic. During this lockdown, the rate of promotion got disturbed. So, many consumers saw the short videos on application like Tik Tok. They contacted the merchants from their home. They have to show faith on these live videos.


About Alibaba Group

Globally, Alibaba Group is famous for it’s e-commerce, retail, technology etc. It is multinational technology company. The company has massive network. The Group excise its power over many companies. Hence, it’s all due to large share in the market. It was founded by Jack Ma on 4th April, 1999. This public giant group serve worldwide.

Therefore, every business has a speciality. Alibaba is world’s largest retailer and e-commerce company. Providing sales services like C2C, B2C and B2B. It has its own portals, sites, clouds, technologies, artificial intelligence etc. Moreover, they are always ready to boost up a new product with strategies.

Working of Company

According to some data, China had more than 4 million live shopping sessions. China knows well to deal with other countries. It always shares a huge part with various countries. Therefore, Alibaba is one of them. Through, AliExpress platform Alibaba has its own marketplace. Capitalisation is well known by this company. Alibaba nearly taps international influencers. These influencers and creators will help them to grow.

Marketing has a dynamic nature. Nowadays, influencers and video creators era is growing up quickly. Alibaba wants to create traffic. These international influencers will drive the mind of people across the world. Now, it rely on staff making low budget promo videos. Often said, China recruit alot of low budget people. They are responsible for helping in small industries. Therefore, nobody is unemployed.

AliExpress create traffic on social media platforms. Popularly like Instagram, Facebook, Tik-Tok, You Tube etc. Number of creators broadcasting their advertising. In collaboration they all are working hard for success of AliExpress. It’s challenging for the company to attract customers through social media platforms. Well, the brands and popularity plays a vital role.

World has no less of talented people. AliExpress plans to recruit people who are not well to do. They just want them to be talented and creative. The social media platforms involves alot of creative mind and courage. During this lockdown, people have no source of income. They are willing to earn from wherever it’s coming. So, when they will coordinate and promote AliExpress. Certainly, they will make their own independent company.

AliExpress Plans

AliExpress is owned by Alibaba company. This is a online retail e-commerce company. It is formed due to small businesses in China and other countries like Brazil, Russia, Singapore and others. Widely spread and high reach is all primary aim of the company. Their mainly centre of attraction are retailers. They don’t reach final consumers. Clearly, they believe bulk selling makes huge profit.

Generally, target marketing preference is highly recommended. For instance, Russia search for AliExpress site alot. They make lot of revenue. Now, AliExpress stimulate more of influencers and creators from that country. Approaching and training them is the biggest challenging. Training are mainly for foreign students in China.

Moreover, they will make students flexible for work. Agencies will approach them, train them as live-streaming hosts and eventually sign with them. Every business involves risk. Although, directing everyone at the same place is quite difficult task. By providing commission on sales to retailers. Hence, AliExpress became global giant. Expansion of the company is everlasting. Consumers need to be kept in mind. The primary motive for any business is consumer. Lastly, the consumer tastes and preferences give great impact strengthening the company.


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