Adobe Lightroom

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Adobe Lightroom
Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is a series of programs developed by Adobe. They have become the leading photo editing app for mobile devices. The app was designed to function on mobile devices that couldn’t handle Adobe Photoshop. Such device OS included iOS and Android. Adobe light is renowned for providing a stable and smooth experience in mobile photo editing. It does have some drawbacks such as some of the features found in Photoshop are not available on Lightroom. The main one is the inability of light room to doctor images. All this is what makes Adobe Lightroom the top camera app for mobile devices.


Adobe Lightroom was first developed in 1999 as a project to create a mobile version of Adobe Photoshop. It succeeded and the first beta version released in 2006. In 2007 after a year of development Adobe Lightroom was officially released . Over the next 13 years to all prove each new version. In 2017 the app was modified and broken up into three new programs. These three variations are Lightroom classic, Lightroom (for desktop), and Lightroom mobile. The most notable change was the shift from a onetime payment to gain access to the app to a monthly payment.


Many of the features supported by Adobe Lightroom that make it so popular is the easy flow of use. the first feature encountered his library module within the system. it has many functions such as cataloging images as well as importing and exporting them. It can also organize photos by the metadata. All these features make in this module similar to Adobe Photoshop elements.


Another module system the provides many important functions to the app. its primary purpose is as per photos. one of its key features is that in separate edits from the photos. In other words, the primary image and the edits to it are saved separate. This prevents any damage to the saved images. The module is also capable of filtering out colors altering the balance removing redeye from an image and numerous other options.

It isn’t able to doctor photos the same way as Adobe Photoshop. Nor can it add 3-D images or other effects to a photo. To make up for this though it has unique editing feature called synchronized edits. simply select a set of photos and one of them then all selected schools share the same change. Definitely a useful feature when using a series of photos. Such as modifying color scheme of a series of same object is color changed.

Web Gallery

the most interesting modules in the program is web. This module allows users to have a website to post their photos to the net. This allows for user to not only share their photos with friends and family but also fellow photographers. Indeed, the system has micro social network for Adobe Lightroom users. A means by which they can share their artistic nature. what photo artist doesn’t want to share their work with their fellows.


Adobe light room justly deserves the title of meeting photo app. Only does it help a photographer be a master or not this improved quality of their photo. It also allows quick and easy organize. Either into photo books or slideshows but also into online galleries. The nature of how the edits are saved ensures that no matter what happens the original photo is untouched. This means should the photographer wish it they can modify the image again from scratch. Though it may lack Adobe Photoshop’s doctoring abilities other features more than for that lack. With new changes for each update or variation of the program is almost guaranteed to continue being the leading photo app.

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