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Adobe Lightroom is a series of programs developed by Adobe with Adobe Lightroom Mod Apk as well. It has become the leading photo editing app for mobile devices. The app was designed to function on mobile devices that couldn’t handle Adobe Photoshop. Such device Oss included iOS and Android. Adobe light is renowned for providing a stable and smooth experience in mobile photo editing. It does have some drawbacks such as missing some of the features found in Photoshop are not available on lightroom.

The main one is the inability of light room to doctor images. It does have other features that make up for this one being nondestructive edits. The primary image and the edits to it are saved separate. This prevents any damage to the saved. it is also capable of editing, viewing, organizing, and sharing large numbers of digital images. unlike other Adobe programs in order for light to function images have to be imported into the database before they can be modified. Despite its usefulness and also because of its drawbacks many mods have been created for. One of the most prolific being Adobe lightroom mod apk.

premium unlock version 5.2.2

Of the many variations of Adobe lightroom that have mods premium on lock stands out. This model on marks the CC premium version of Adobe lightroom via an APK mod. The model provides quick and easy access. Adobe lightroom CC premium is an upgraded version of the standard program. It enhanced the base features that allow a user to be both a photographer and designer. It’s also improved the photo sharing capabilities of the app. This is improved already impressive system, that has often been compared to her micro-social network. Thus, this Adobe lightroom mod APK continues to allow the creation and distribution of breathtaking photos.

premium unlock version 5.2.2 Feature

premium unlock possesses many improved features over the baseline Adobe lightroom. One such feature is “adjust options”. This allows a user to adjust every aspect of the photo. A useful tool for an individual who wants to influence every part of the picture. Other features allow for more advanced control of an image, such as “healing brush”. This feature allows the deletion of any object no matter its size from the photo. A new feature for this mod is “Adobe Sensei”. With this feature you can automatically tag and organize photos based on objects or persons in the picture. We have to do is type of keyword the associated images will appear.

The feature “easy to edit” will apply general edits that you have used previously. either select a set of photos or an entire and simply apply the general edits. Because of how Adobe light room saves information the originals will still be available. As a result, it would be possible to edit the same photo multiple ways on multiple devices. The advanced sharing feature “gallery” will allow users to easily display their photos online. The gallery will automatically update any changes to photos that are assigned to it. This will allow a user to keep their photos up to without having to re-upload. The feature also allows other individuals to comment on your edits and show suggestions. that’s not all the features that this Adobe lightroom mod APK has to offer.

The mod has also provided improvements to photo capture. Premium unlock reveal your cameras true potential. Unique controls to create a more attractive photo during the shooting process. One of the other new camera features is “edge mode”. This feature will allow the camera to capture more details whether you’re using HD, normal, or professional settings.

Full Specifications

The full specifications for premium unlock are as follows.
– Version: 5.2.2
– Size: 71MB
– Price: free
– Root needed: No Need
– Offers In-App Purchase: No

In addition the app is fairly easy to download since it doesn’t require root access. First, you’ll need to select the variation that is most effective or your device. Then remove the old version of Adobe light room from your phone if you have. Since Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Lightroom Premium are two different programs they won’t work together. There even may be a chance that having both will cause a system crash. Next you have to enable your phones unknow sources security setting. this will allow the phone to download premium unlock. Go to the download menu select the mod AKP for premium unlock. Then click install to initiate installation process. Once that has been completed you can activate the mod begin using adobe Lightroom mod apk premium unlock.


This adobe Lightroom mod apk excellent choice for gaining premium access to Adobe lightroom cc. Its numerous features will help improve the user’s photography. It will also strengthen their photo editing and design skills. With its enhancements to photo sharing the user will be able to share the art they have created with the world.

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