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Instagram Mod APK

The Instagram Plus MOD APK by Appsmodded comes with a host of practical features to substantially improve the user experience of the generic Instagram app available on the Google Play Store. Those who are regular users of Instagram will know that while is Instagram is extremely interesting and engaging, it comes with its own set of inconveniences. Certain, basic features like the option to download photos and disable autoplay for videos are missing. The Instagram Plus MOD APK removes these shortcomings while adding many functional features that give users much more control over their browsing experience and privacy.

Simple, necessary stuff.

The basic feature of Instagram Plus MOD APK is that it allows you to download photos, videos and even stories from Instagram and save them to your Gallery. It even allows you to save the pictures and videos according to the user in separate folders for ease of access and better organisation. Also, through this modded version of Instagram, you can disable the autoplay video feature and save a ton of data.

Instagram Plus MOD APK: It keeps you safe.

Another interesting feature of the Instagram Plus MOD APK allows you to not reveal if you are typing or have seen a message. Also, a feature enables you to not give away the fact that you viewed someone’s story. These help you escape from many embarrassing and tricky situations with little explanation to do.

Go Marie Kondo on your feed!

Some features available on this MOD APK enable you to get the most out of your Instagram feed. This app enables you to remove annoying advertisements and friend recommendations from your feed. Those who frequently use Instagram will relate when I say I frequently slide to my own DMs when somebody posts more than two or three pictures. Or, I accidentally open the Instagram Camera. Or click on ads when I do not want to. Well, not anymore, Instagram Plus MOD APK allows you to disable all those features and enjoy your browsing experience. There is also a feature that enables you to remove liked posts from your feed.

Join the creamy-layer!

Have you always wanted that precious blue checkmark next to your username on Instagram but don’t want to do all the hard work of producing quality content on a regular basis to garner followers? Have you wondered why that one friend of yours who has no creative intellect and 50 followers but has the blue checkmark? He’s surely using Instagram Plus Mod APK. So with this app, you can have that blue checkmark too, minus all the hard work. Go ahead! Fake it till you make it!

See the whole picture. Clearly.

Instagram Plus MOD APK allows you to see stories, fully without those black borders. Also, with this app, you can improve the quality of uploading stories by 10 Mbps. apart from those features, you can also see all the photos in your feed in the highest quality. So you can see the whole picture clearly. So no more optimisation from Instagram. See what is posted untouched and in the best quality, only through Instagram Plus MOD APK.

Dark mode: It doesn’t get darker than this.

Do you like to sit back at the end of a tiring day and relax and browse Instagram in the dark on your bed? Of course, you do! But you would have noticed that dark mode is not dark enough. Not anymore! This app gives you dark-mode that is really dark. It is pitch dark. So you can have those late-night browsing sessions without straining your eyes and driving your sleep away. So keep browsing and don’t let light bad stop any session.

Instagram Plus MOD APK: Gives you all of Instagram!

The best part of it all is that this app is that it gives all these awesome features without taking away any features of Instagram. So you have the option of using all these features offered or not. Or you can use these features whenever you need them and disable them otherwise. So you needn’t be sceptical while downloading the app and customise the features to suit your needs.

See go ahead and get the most out of Instagram with Instagram Plus MOD APK.

It’s like Instagram. Just a lot better.

Happy browsing!