Deezer Music Player MOD APK : Premium Unlocked Download

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Deezer Music Player Mod APK

Deezer is a music streaming platform that has more than 56 million tracks and is functional in more than 180 countries. It offers many amazing features, the most prominent being “Flow“. The developers of Deezer describe Flow as:

    “Flow is all your favourite music, mixed with fresh recommendations and songs you forgot you loved. It gets to know what you like and what you don’t, and plays an infinite stream of music chosen just for you. All you have to do is press the button.”

This is one of the most amazing abilities of the app. Deezer also boasts a varied selection of songs from around the world that is curated by a team in Deezer that is specifically meant to do that. It allows you to build your music collection and lets you add the songs existing on your device to you playlists on Deezer. This app also shows you the lyrics to songs while you are listening to them. Buying a subscription of Deezer Premium allows you to play songs offline by downloading them. Deezer is a very close competitor of Spotify and people are divided in their opinion as to which is the better streaming platform. But, in my opinion, Deezer’s user interface and playlist generating ability make it marginally better than Spotify.

But, without a premium subscription, it’s performance is underwhelming. Enter, Deezer Music Player MOD APK. It unlocks the most important features in the Deezer app and gives a huge boost to the user experience.

Features of Deezer Music Player MOD APK:

Deezer Music Player has a host of practical and useful features that help to radically improve the way you consume music. Some of the most important features are:

  • Premium Unlocked– Just download music once and listen offline whenever you want.
  • Personalised recommendations– The more you listen, suggestions better more accurate to fit your exact, unique taste and blend.
  • Import MP3s and playlists– Integrate the songs already on your device into the app.
  • Get lyrics– Get the lyrics to all your favourite songs on the app while you listen.
  • Easy and functional User interface with a premium look and feel.
  • Millions of Songs from around the world.
  • Shuffle mode-Deezer Music Player MOD APK automatically shuffles through the wide array of tracks and allows you to discover new music that you wouldn’t otherwise know.
  • Dark Mode– Basic but useful feature.
  • Radio and podcasts– Deezer Music Player MOD APK allows you to listen to the radio and podcasts as well!
  • High-sound quality– Deezer allows you to listen to music in 320 kBps.
  • Software compatibility: The app is compatible with Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Sonos sound systems.
  • No Ads– Premium subscription allows you to use the app ad-free!

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How to Install Deezer Music Player MOD APK:

  • Log on to
  • Download the APK file of Deezer Music Player MOD APK.
  • Make sure you delete the generic version of Deezer Music Player from your mobile device if you have it installed. You will face problems in installing this application otherwise.
  • Open the APK file.
  • At this stage, you may have to give permissions to Install third-party application if you already haven’t. Go ahead, and give the necessary permissions to enable installation.
  • Click on Install.
  • Give the necessary permissions, and wait for it to be installed.
  • That’s all. Get busy streaming your favourite tracks from Deezer Music Player MOD APK.

Deezer: Leaving the competitors behind.

Deezer Music Player Mod
Get the best listening experience with Deezer Music Player MOD APK.

The Deezer app has received a lot of well-deserved attention since it’s launch and is rapidly leaving its competitors behind in the race to the best music streaming platform. The features it offers are similar to it’s competitors, but the way it offers them are substantially different and way better than the other music platforms availble in the market.

Also, Deezer Music Player MOD APK unlocks Deezer Premium which allows you to download yoour favourite music and carry it with you wherever you go. This helps to save data too while listening to your most played tracks. Also, dezzer streams music at the highest available quality, but can also optimise according to your internet speed to provide a lag free experience.

To enjoy your favourite music to the fullest, install Deezer Music Player MOD APK

Happy listening!